Beard grooming kit

Let's face it: maintaining a beard properly always takes some time. In addition... read more

Let's face it: maintaining a beard properly always takes some time. In addition to your standard skin care routine, you should also remember... read more

Beard grooming kit

Let's face it: maintaining a beard properly always takes some time. In addition to your standard skin care routine, you should also remember to use beard balm, beard oil and a beard comb. Plus the necessary washes of course. But then you will achieve a tight and healthy shiny beard!

A beard kit for gentlemen who have a first grow beard or for those who want to simplify or upgrade their instruments. Then a beard care set is a great option.


What's in a beard care set?

A beard care set is definitely recommended because most versions have the right equipment for a perfectly groomed beard on board. But what does a good beard care set contain? In a beard kit you will find a mix of the following beard care items such as:


How do I take care of my beard?

There are a few key steps to a well-groomed beard. First of all, you have to keep your beard clean and wash it regularly, you can do this with a good and moisturizing beard shampoo. Once gently patted dry, use a brush or comb to untangle and remove any knots.

You trim beard you do every few weeks, depending on the length. If you're unfamiliar with beard care, it's best to go to a trusted barber the first few times to see how a professional does it. You can of course trim with your own beard trimmer .

Of course, after cleaning your beard, you also apply a good beard oil or beard balm in your beard. This is for the correct moisture balance, to nourish your beard hairs and to apply a healthy shine. Your beard can simply not without these resources. For a nice hold, use a good beard wax. Ideal! A beard care set that contains all the products for the above steps is the ultimate for every beard lover.


Beard Gift Set

The perfect gift set for a man; a package specially formulated for beards and moustaches. Cheaper, easier and more beautifully packaged than when you order it loose. We have a wide range of different beard gift sets. Each set has a different luxurious packaging, for example made of cardboard, tin, in a tube or in a beautiful wooden box. Each gift box contains different products from different brands and are suitable for different hair types. Here you will find beard gift sets with beard oils, beard wax, beard shampoo and spray with accompanying accessories such as a comb, brush or towel.

Why give a beard gift set as a gift?

1. For every man with beard/moustache

From the person you really love like your boyfriend, husband, father or brother to the one you just met, we have the perfect gift for him if he has a beard or is planning to grow one!

2. 100% natural

Our exclusive products are formulated with top shelf plant and natural ingredients to help your friend, husband, father or brother look, feel and smell great.

3. Something for everyone

Every man has different needs and preferences. Fortunately, we at The Alpha Men have a lot of great gift sets to make every man happy!

Our choice

Do you want to give a beard gift set to a loved one (or to yourself of course), but you don't know exactly where to start? We are happy to help you on your way! Below we have selected 3 of our best selling gift sets for you. Chances are that the recipient of these beard gift sets will be very grateful to you!
Proraso Beard Kit - Wood & Spice
The Beard Kit Wood & Spice from the Single Blades series from Proraso contains the complete beard collection from Proraso in the Wood & Spice scent; the Beard Wash, Beard Balm and the Beard Oil. The Beard Kit comes in a sleek tin and is the perfect gift for any man with a beard, or just to try out for yourself. The Wood & Spice is a warm rich woody scent with top notes of Cinnamon & Saffron for a certain softness and tenderness.

Captain Fawcett Ricki Hall's Grooming Survival Kit Gift Set
Captain Fawcett's Grooming Survival Kit was created in collaboration with renowned beard model Ricki Hall. The kit contains three essential products for maintaining an ideal beard: a beard comb, beard oil and mustache wax. This set comes in a beautiful tin with a vintage look. The ideal gift for the eye and maintaining a beard/moustache.

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