Clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoo

You may have never heard of the term 'clarifying shampoo', but trust us,... read more

You may have never heard of the term 'clarifying shampoo', but trust us, this clarifying shampoo is a real lifesaver. You may... read more

Clarifying shampoo

You may have never heard of the term 'clarifying shampoo', but trust us, this clarifying shampoo is a real lifesaver. You may know the shampoo under the names 'Purifying Shampoo', 'Detoxing Shampoo', Detoxifying Shampoo', 'Scrub Shampoo', 'Deep Cleansing Shampoo' or Deep Cleansing Shampoo'.


What does a clarifying shampoo do?

A clarifying shampoo is a shampoo that will intensively cleanse your hair and scalp. Unbeknownst to you, unwanted substances will accumulate in your hair and on your scalp. These collected substances, which you do not want in your hair, are removed by a clarifying shampoo. That is why the translation of this shampoo is literally 'purifying shampoo'. A clarifying shampoo cleans, among other things, the following substances from your hair and scalp.

  • Remains of care products (such as hair tonic , conditioner , etc.)
  • Styling product residues (such as pomade , clay , etc.)
  • Excess sebum (body's own substance that can accumulate)
  • Limescale and mineral residues (e.g. from the shower head)
  • Chlorine and chemicals (e.g. from swimming pool chlorine)

So if you're wondering 'how do I get silicone out of my hair?' or 'how do I get build-up out of my hair?', then a clarifying shampoo is the solution.


What is the difference between normal shampoo and clarifying shampoo?

Clarifying shampoo differs in many ways from a normal shampoo. Each shampoo consists of a formula of different ingredients. In this formula there is only room for a certain number of ingredients. Where a normal shampoo uses a combination of cleansing and caring ingredients, a purifying shampoo will only contain cleansing ingredients. This does not mean that a clarifying shampoo is very drastic for your hair, because some ingredients remain mild for your hair. It is good for your hair condition to free your hair from the accumulated harmful substances every now and then.


When should I use a clarifying shampoo?

There are actually two times when consumers use a detox shampoo. The first is when your hair looks lifeless, flat and greasy. The second is that your regular shampoo can no longer remove the leftover care and styling products. To illustrate some situations, we list some examples below. Who knows, you recognize yourself in this.

  • You regularly swim in a swimming pool with chlorine. Chlorine has built up in your hair and on your scalp.
  • You have oily and lifeless hair
  • Your shower head doesn't filter water, which causes limescale to build up on your scalp and hair
  • You use a lot of hair care and styling products, the build-up keeps getting bigger
  • Your care products are no longer doing their job properly. This is due to a layer of unwanted substances around your hair.


How do I use a clarifying shampoo?

It is important to know that you do not use a clarifying shampoo more than once a week. Of course you still want to take care of your hair, but this detox shampoo is really meant to clean your hair thoroughly.

Use the specific directions on each package of a deep-cleansing shampoo. Often the following steps are followed, but really read your own manual!

  1. Wash your hair with water only
  2. Dry your hair until towel dry
  3. Grab a little clarifying shampoo, the amount depends on the length of your hair
  4. Rub between your palms until the shampoo lathers
  5. Massage the shampoo through your hair
  6. If the shampoo doesn't lather well, it means your hair isn't clean. No problem, since you use the shampoo for this!
  7. Rinse out the shampoo and grab a little less new shampoo, time for a second round
  8. Rinse out the shampoo
  9. If your hair feels dry, you can use a conditioner


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