Beard apron

Beard apron

As a man, you should regularly trim or shave your beard. The tricky part beard styling is that you often make a lot of mess. Many cut hairs fall into the sink and that means that you have to clean everything again. Your T-shirt will also be covered in hair if you don't properly prepare for a trim. To prevent that mess, wearing a beard apron (also called a beard bib / beard cape) is a good solution.


What are the advantages of a beard apron

Having a beard apron at home brings many different benefits. That's why a beard apron is actually indispensable in your routine beard care !

  • Ideal for catching beard hair
  • No more sink full of hair
  • No more T-shirt or sweater full of hair
  • Easy to empty
  • One size fits all


How does a beard apron work?

A beard apron is a kind of beard hair collection cloth. You attach the BIB (or beard apron, beard cape) to the mirror with suction cups. This creates, as it were, a kind of 'bowl' into which your beard hairs will fall. You can now work on one beard scissors or beard trimmer . When you're done trimming or shaving, the hairs can easily be emptied into a trash can.


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