Wilkinson Sword

Wilkinson Sword

Wilkinson Sword, a name synonymous with quality and precision, is a globally renowned company that has distinguished itself in the manufacture of razor blades, shaving foils and shaving accessories. Founded in 1772 by Henry Nock, this company with German roots in Solingen has undergone a remarkable transformation from weapons and swords to the finest shaving products.

Wilkinson Sword's legacy is rich and varied. Until the First World War, the focus was mainly on military equipment. From 1918, amidst the turbulent times of world conflicts, the company began to focus more and more on shaving equipment. Despite limitations such as a shortage of metal after World War II, Wilkinson Sword continued to innovate.

1956 marked a turning point for the brand: the launch of their first stainless steel double-sided razor blade, the Super Sword Edge, with a Teflon coating. This innovation, combined with their tenacious drive, led to a market share of no less than 50% in 1970. With the acquisition of the Solingen-based company Osberghaus, they strengthened their position as one of the leading names in the knife industry.

The 1970s also brought their first system razor and in the early 1990s Wilkinson Sword introduced the Protector razor, where the blades are protected by wires for an even safer shaving experience. Over the years, the brand has felt fierce competition from American Gillette, but has maintained its own unique identity and loyal customer base.

Wilkinson Sword has been acquired and re-sold several times over the years. Despite this, it remains prominent in Europe under its original brand name, while in America, Australia and Asia it is known as Schick. But one thing is certain: regardless of the name, the quality of their products remains undisputed.

Today, Wilkinson Sword offers not only razor blades and blades, but also shaving gels, shaving creams and other shaving accessories, complemented by manicure and pedicure products. When you choose Wilkinson Sword, you choose a brand with a rich history, deep-rooted expertise and a passion for perfection in shaving.


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