Pre styler

The pre-styler , one of the newest products in male hair styling . Many...> read more

The pre-styler , one of the newest products in male hair styling . Many men have already heard of it, but what exactly does...> read more

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Pre styler

What is a prestyler?

The pre-styler , one of the newest products in male hair styling . Many men have already heard of it, but what exactly does it do? The name actually says it all, a pre-styler is a product that you use before styling your hair with your regular styling product. That's why we call that pomade , paste or other styling products you normally use a post-styler.


Why should you use a pre-styler?

Using a pre-styler has several advantages. What you should know first is that there are different types of pre-stylers. The main advantages of this are:

  • The protection against heat from a hair dryer or sun
  • Give more volume to the hair
  • A better hold
  • More texture
  • Eliminates tangles and makes hair softer and smoother
  • Thicken hair

There is therefore a pre-styler for every hairstyle that can help you create the desired haircut. Someone with fine or thin hair wants more volume and thicker hair. For people with thick hair it is sometimes difficult to make the hair manageable, here too a pre-styler can give the push to make the hair smooth and give it a better hold. We can divide the pre-stylers into different types; the grooming spray, sea salt spray, styling powder, grooming cream and other pre-stylers. Below we briefly describe which one you use best in which situation.


Grooming Spray

Grooming spray gives extra hold to the hair and is ideal for men with thick hair. You use the spray in damp hair and then blow-dry it into shape. Then you can fine style the hair with your favorite post-styler. Grooming sprays are also available for men with thinner hair, which give volume to the hair in addition to a good hold.


Sea Salt Spray

The most famous pre-styler is the sea salt spray . As the name suggests, this product contains sea salt. In addition to protecting against heat, this gives a very natural, matte finish to the hair. It also gives texture to the hair, ideal for men with longer, thin hair. This creates a nice full look. It is best to use a paste or clay with this. It is actually suitable for any type of hair.


Styling Powder

Powders are a fairly new product that is on the rise. You can subdivide these powders into styling powder , volumising powder and texture powder. These powders bind to the roots of your hair, making your hair appear thicker and get much more texture. It appears fuller but also makes the hair easier to style. It keeps the hair nice and soft and prevents your hair from becoming flat. A product that should definitely be tried.


Grooming cream

Of course we also have a solution for men with thick, curly and difficult to manage hair. These products are intended to make the hair beautifully smooth, soft and manageable. You have grooming creams for this. These nourish, soften and give control.


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