Face mask

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Face mask

About ten to fifteen years ago, as a man you were still a bit too feminine if you used those cleansing masks for men every now and then. Fortunately, today everything is different. Because: men are also increasingly using face masks to properly hydrate their skin.

A face mask for men. But how exactly do you use these masks and what are the benefits of this type of facial cleansing? And, also important, which variants are there if you, as a man, are looking for a cleansing face mask that suits you exactly?


How do you use a face mask?

Face masks for men should be used in a certain way to achieve a satisfactory result. Usually, the mask consists of a ready-made gel, which must be applied to the face and then left on for about 10 to 15 minutes.

But there are also men's face masks that consist of loose powder, which must be mixed with water to form a clay-like paste that you then smear on your face. Be careful when applying the mask not too close apply to the eyes.

After about fifteen minutes, the mask can be rinsed off the face with lukewarm water. After a men's face mask, it is wise to use a good one moisturizer use for extra hydration. So basically such a face mask is an extension of the facial care for men . 


What does a face mask do?

Face masks for men. For men with dry skin for example. What exactly do those masks do to your facial skin? The main advantage of face masks is that they nourish your skin from the outside. Face masks bring extra moisture into your skin, leaving the skin well hydrated.

After a men's face mask session, the skin feels nice and smooth and flexible. Another plus of face masks for men is that they thoroughly cleanse the skin. Dirt, excess sebum and impurities are removed from the skin.

Finally, regular use of a face mask for men is recommended, because shaving your stubble is a lot easier afterwards. After a mask, your skin is nice and smooth. This allows you safety razor do its job even better and you also have less chance of skin irritations when shaving.

What are the different types of face masks?

For example, there are face masks for one oily skin for men that can be used to care for your skin. A common type of cleansing mask consists of gel that absorbs into the skin. The remainder of the mask remains as a kind of skin on your skin and can be rinsed off the skin after ten to fifteen minutes with lukewarm water.

A second known type of men's face mask consists of a somewhat thicker clay (paste) that can be applied to the skin, whether or not in powder form mixed with water. The clay then hardens and forms a layer on the skin. After fifteen minutes the clay is rinsed off and the skin feels nice and soft again.

Finally, in terms of cleansing masks for men, there are ready-made sheets that are moist and can be placed on the face. The gel on the sheet absorbs into the skin and moisturizes it. After ten to fifteen minutes you remove the skin and your facial skin is wonderfully supple and smooth. So what do you start with tomorrow? With the relaxed application of deeply nourishing face masks men!


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