Hanz de Fuko

Hans de Fuko

This unique hair styling brand, Hanz de Fuko, comes from beautiful San Francisco. Founded in... read more

This unique hair styling brand, Hanz de Fuko, comes from beautiful San Francisco. Founded in 2009, by two childhood friends who lacked a bit of... read more

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Hans de Fuko

This unique hair styling brand, Hanz de Fuko, comes from beautiful San Francisco. Founded in 2009, by two childhood friends who lacked a bit of creativity and couldn't relate to the hair styling products available from the bigger brands. It was time for something new, hair products that are close to nature. Original products suitable for everyone.

Hanz de Fuko has, after launching their first product, quickly grown into a globally known brand. Hanz de Fuko may appear small, but in terms of product range they are very large. High quality hair styling products, each with their own unique properties, made for everyone. The products of Hanz de Fuko are sustainably developed based on ingredients that not only model your hair, but also know how to care for your hair.

It is not for nothing that Hanz de Fuko is a favorite with many Hollywood stars and top hairstylists. For example, David Beckham has already declared his love for the brand in GQ magazine. In 2019 , Hanz de Fuko Heavymade and Hanz de Fuko Scheme Cream were even named the best new hair styling products by GQ magazine and Esquire. Since 2021, Hanz de Fuko has been allowed to join the top and is now for sale in the luxury American department store chains Bloomingdales and Nordstorm.


Natural ingredients

At Hanz de Fuko you will find products based on plant-based ingredients, free from parabens and other harmful substances. You can also find this on the back of Hanz de Fuko products. For example, you could see it as a shopping list instead of an ingredients list. This is because most of the ingredients, such as lemon peel, pomegranate and goji berries, can also be found in the supermarket. All vegetable ingredients in Hanz de Fuko products are certified. You also notice it when using the styling products, the scent is natural and subtle.


Hair styling products from Hanz de Fuko

Whether you are looking for hair styling products such as a pre-styler, pomade , shampoo, shaving cream or cleanser, you will find it all at Hanz de Fuko. Hanz de Fuko's shampoo and conditioner are made entirely naturally and consist of various plant extracts and amino acids that help the hair to become and/or remain healthy. There is also a Dry Shampoo from Hanz de Fuko in the range. This fast-drying, almost colorless formula absorbs excess oils from the hair and provides a fresh feeling. The Natural Conditioner from Hanz de Fuko is an all-natural conditioner to make your hair stronger and thicker.

Actually, you can't imagine it that Hanz de Fuko has a product for it. With a beautiful range including the popular Hanz de Fuko Claymation , Gravity Paste and Sponge Wax, the brand is a major player in the field of natural, caring and ultra strong hair styling products. In addition, there is also a line aimed at facial cleansing. The Gentle Face Wash ensures perfect cleansing of the face. This facial cleanser removes excess sebum, dirt and cleans the pores. This is done in a mild way and without the skin feeling dry and tight.


What is Hanz de Fuko's bestseller?

Hanz de Fuko Quicksand is one of the bestsellers and winner of the Grooming Awards! This formula provides a lot of volume, matte shine, high hold and a beachy look. The Quicksand consists of one part Styling Wax and one part Dry Shampoo. With this, Hanz De Fuko creates the ideal beachy Clay-like formula.