Hair mask

Where you enjoy the sun, sea and beach in the summer, and the cold...> read more

Where you enjoy the sun, sea and beach in the summer, and the cold snow in your hair in the winter, your haircut enjoys...> read more

Hair mask

Where you enjoy the sun, sea and beach in the summer, and the cold snow in your hair in the winter, your haircut enjoys less. Of course you don't want dry or frizzy hair, but this is common in men. Women are somewhat ahead in this because they usually take better care of their hair. Why shouldn't we men just walk around with a healthy haircut? Well, you certainly can. When you get a good hair mask for men, you will notice that you give your hair a big boost. That way frizzy or dry hair is a thing of the past.

What is a hair mask?

A hair mask is a nourishing mask for your hair. The mask contains less water than a conditioner and is therefore somewhat thicker. As a result, all care ingredients are a lot more concentrated than in a conditioner for your hair. A hair mask is packed with fine ingredients that nourish, care for, protect and make your hair stronger. You should see it as if a protective layer is applied to your hair that will make your hair shine and smoother. Your hair will also be protected against external influences, such as the sun, dirt and certain radiations. Ideal for good hair care .

Please note: it always depends on the brand and the quality you use. It is therefore preferable to choose a high-quality brand that prefers to use natural ingredients. So nice for your hair.

Why is a hair mask useful for men?

If you don't care much about your hair, it's not helpful. But if your frizzy or dry hair irritates you, why not do something about it? In addition, a hair mask for men will give your hair a little more shine, body and volume. Your hair is naturally 'in your face' and will therefore often influence a first impression. When your hair looks good, you often feel a little more confident. And if you can create a good feeling by taking care of your hair in a positive way, why not? We can conclude that a hair mask is useful for everyone. So not only for women, but also for men.

What to do about dry hair in men?

A hair mask is good for any type of hair, but withdry hair, a hair mask can really make a huge difference. A hair mask can ensure that a dry forest is transformed into a shiny and healthy coupe. In fact, your hair is crying out for nourishment when it's dry. That nutrition is in a hair mask with good ingredients. The main goal with dry hair is to rehydrate your hair. This is because 'dry' hair is simply dehydrated and will appreciate an extra boost of moisture and nourishment like no other hair type.

Which hair mask really works?

Not every hair mask is made for the same purpose. You have hair masks for dry hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, lifeless hair, etc. Always look at the hair type that a hair mask focuses on. That way you know for sure that you have the right match for your own hair (problems). Of course we have our favourites!

Malin + Goetz - Detox Scalp hair mask

A hair mask that will cleanse and exfoliate your skin. This removes excess oil and impurities. By addressing the health of your scalp, your hair will look healthier, fuller and less greasy. This hair mask is suitable for all hair types and textures, but is ideal for men with oily hair. This hair mask is packed with good ingredients such as olive and coconut oil that moisturize and condition your hair, spearmint leaf and peppermint oil that cool and soothe your hair and glycolic and lactic acids that keep your moisture levels in balance. Of course there are many more fine ingredients in it, it's a favorite for a reason!

Shear Revival - Loom Deep Conditioning Mask

A natural mask that will ensure that your hair is revitalized and hydrated. With the help of restorative extracts, your haircut will look healthy and vital again in no time! This conditioning hair mask is enriched with antioxidants that ensure that your hair is protected from harmful radiation from the sun, among other things. This fine mask will not weigh down your hair and will not leave a greasy feeling. With various natural oils and butters as ingredients, your hair will look nice and shiny and healthy again!

Sunny Isle - Jamaican Black Castor Oil Intensive Repair Masque

Sunny Isle is known for using Jamaican Black Castor Oil . This is a unique ingredient that nourishes your hair from root to tip and also helps promote healthy and natural hair growth. Castor oil is also called castor oil, and that comes into its own in this hair mask. This mask will also moisturize and nourish your scalp, making your hair softer, healthier and stronger. This Sunny Isle hair mask is suitable for all hair types and textures.

How do you use a hair mask?

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo first. In this way, the scales of your hair open up so that they can best absorb the nutrition and ingredients of a hair mask. Do not apply conditioner this time!
  2. Let your hair dry until towel dry
  3. Apply the desired amount (depending on the length and thickness of your hair) in the ends and lengths of your hair and massage it in. Do not massage it into your scalp unless directed to do so on the package. Otherwise, it may cause it to become greasy
  4. Let the hair mask work, keep the time indicated on the packaging
  5. If you really want to unpack, wrap a towel around your hair. Due to the heat, the nutritious substances are absorbed even better by your hair
  6. After applying, rinse your hair well with lukewarm water
  7. Use your own conditioner after some hair masks. In this way, the hair scales close again. Always read whether this is necessary or not, with some hair masks this is already done without the need for conditioner

Tips and tricks.