Beard oil

Beard oil is a concentrated product that is essential for the read more

Beard oil is a concentrated product that is essential for the beard care . The mainly natural and nourishing ingredients provide... read more

Beard oil

Beard oil is a concentrated product that is essential for the beard care . The mainly natural and nourishing ingredients provide excellent and necessary protection for the beard and your skin. This makes your beard look healthy, shiny and well-groomed. Beard oil mainly consists of the basic ingredients: argan oil, almond oil, apricot oil and jojoba oil.

In addition, essential ingredients are usually added that give a beard oil its typical scent. From light vanilla to heavier rum and smoky scents.

In addition to the nourishing character of beard oil, these also come in seductive beard oil scents. A good one odorless beard oil is of course also available. So there is a lot of choice in various types of beard oil. There are also liquid and thicker variants available in different compositions with different ingredients.


Why should you use a beard oil?

Beard oil is an important product that keeps your beard healthy and alive. Beard hairs have a different structure than the hair on your head. The hairs of your beard are, as you can feel, a lot stiffer and drier in shape. Unfortunately, you don't get a healthy beard automatically. This is because the skin provides your beard hairs with less nourishing fats than the hairs on the scalp. Especially when you have a longer beard, the skin is not able to moisturize the long beard hairs with the right amount of body oils. Especially when the beard is often washed. As a result, many natural oils and fats are washed out of the hair. Your skin simply cannot compete with this and becomes dehydrated.

When you wash a beard, only do it with good ones beard shampoos . So don't get started with cheap shampoos that are not specifically intended for the beard. That dries out your beard and skin. The consequence? Your skin becomes flaky, giving you a itchy beard can get. That's why good beard oil is crucial. A high-quality beard oil nourishes the skin and beard hairs, but also replenishes the necessary fats. This moisturizes the beard and underlying skin and offers very good protection against bacteria. Beard oil also provides a beautiful healthy shine and noticeably soft beard hairs.


6 reasons why natural beard oil is indispensable:

  • Prevents dry and stiff beard hairs
  • Gives the beard shine and healthy shape
  • Moisturizes the beard hairs and the underlying skin
  • Thickens beard hairs making it look fuller
  • Your beard will smell wonderful
  • Prevents beard dandruff


Beard oil set

When you decide to grow a beard, it is a good plan to start with a professional beard oil set. The advantage of this beard oil kit, for example, is that you have all the materials at home to take care of the beard down to the last detail. This refined beard care sets we have as you can see for the short, medium long and long beard.


What are the differences between beard oil, beard balm and beard wax?

There are quite a few different products for your beard. In addition to beard oil, there is also beard balm and beard wax to maintain and shape the beard. But what are the differences between beard oil, beard balm and beard wax ?

Beard balm and beard wax have significantly different properties than beard oil. Beard oil is purely intended to nourish the skin and hair so that the beard looks healthy, soft and shiny through sufficient hydration. Beard oil does not have the properties to style your beard. An artisan beard balm/wax is thicker in substance. Besides active oils, beard balm also has ingredients such as beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil and shea butter. It is creamy and easy to massage. With this you can not only nourish the beard, but also shape it perfectly thanks to the good hold. Are you looking for even more hold to style your beard, then you can get a good one buy beard wax .

Beard balm is perfect to combine with beard oil. Make sure you put in the beard oil first and let it work for 10 minutes. Then you can massage the beard balm and model the beard. There is a large collection of good quality beard balms available. With a beard wax you can give the beard the most hold. This has to do with the fact that mainly beeswax is added. A fine beard wax is often a hard substance. Beard wax owes its stiffness to this. In terms of nutrition for beard and skin, beard wax has the least caring character and is therefore mainly a product for styling the beard. When you use beard oil and beard wax together, it may be that your beard gets a slightly lesser hold.


For which type of beard do you use which beard oil?

From stubble to the long beard: beard oil is important for all types of beards! There is a type of oil that you can use best for all beard lengths and volumes. For example, thin(er) and thick(er) beard oil is available.

Thicker beard oil is best suited for the longer and thick beard. You usually only have to massage a thicker beard oil into a full beard once a day because it is more concentrated and remains active for longer. In addition, the scent of a thick beard oil also lasts longer. Definitely try a high-quality beard oil, for example the Jelly Beard Oil from Bossman or the Premium Beard Oil from Percy Nobleman if you have a long full beard.

For the short beard or beard with thin beard hairs, we recommend using a thin beard oil. This is because it absorbs faster into your beard and your skin without you walking around with a greasy face and beard. Beard oil that is too thick has difficulty absorbing into the short or thin beard and skin. A long(er) beard simply has more surface area to absorb the thick oil perfectly.

There are excellent beard oils available to take good care of the hair and skin. For the thin or short beard, this perfect beard oil has a positive effect: a healthy shine, nice scent and good hydration of the beard hairs and skin.


So what is the difference between a thick and a thin beard oil?

A high-quality beard oil contains at least 80% base oils. A base oil is used to dilute all essential oils or fragrance oils. These base oils are vegetable such as grapeseed oil, apricot kernel, argan oil, jojoba or sweet almond. These oils are fats composed of a mixture of triglycerides, also known as fatty acids.

Fatty acids have various nourishing and moisturizing effects on our skin and beard hairs. But what makes a base oil thick or thin? Well, it depends on the source of the oil to which fatty acids are included in that oil. Larger fatty acids create a thicker and slow moving oil such as castor oil and jojoba oil compared to smaller fat molecules which produce a thinner oil such as sweet almond and olive.

A beard oil containing thicker base oils such as jojoba and castor oil means it can be easily massaged into the beard. The voluminous beard also needs a thicker beard oil. As a result, the beard hairs remain smooth for longer and feel noticeably soft. If you have a thick, dense beard, use a thicker beard oil. Especially with ingredients such as jojoba and castor oils. A thicker beard oil provides deep hydration and retains odors longer. If you have a thinner beard, a thinner beard oil is the best alternative because it absorbs the fastest and you don't end up with an excessively greasy beard and skin.


How and when do you use beard oil?

Well, we understand if you now ask the question ' how do you use beard oil? ' stilt. Preferably massage the beard oil onto a dry patted beard after showering. A drop or 5 is usually sufficient. Many beard oils are now also equipped with a pump or pipette with which you can easily dose. Massage the oil into your beard and onto your skin. Distribute the oil as much as possible in the beard. By using a good quality beard comb you can distribute the oil perfectly in the beard. Of course there are several beard combs or beard brushes available.

Most beard oils are also nourishing for the facial skin and therefore also great for further rubbing into the hands after the beard has had its turn. Are your hands also well cared for?


Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Oil

Does the beard grow faster with beard oil?

Nope. Your beard will not grow faster by using beard oil. Not from beard balm and beard wax either: a beard growth oil that magically makes your beard grow faster is a myth. With the right attention you can ensure that the beard grows optimally and looks full, shiny & healthy. In that sense, beard oil can have a very beneficial effect on your beard growth. Purely by nourishing the skin, hair follicles and the beard hairs themselves. Do you want to give your beard an extra boost? Then use one beard growth serum to stimulate your beard growth.


What should I pay attention to when buying a beard oil?

What you should look closely at when choosing a quality beard oil are the ingredients. If there are no oils on the first few lines of the ingredient list, you can actually ignore it. A good beard oil is made as much as possible from high-quality natural ingredients such as the very caring argan oil.


What are the best beard oil brands?

There are of course many brands that market beard oil in various qualities. And of course there is a lot of chaff among the wheat. Take the top brand, for example Azbane beard oil , an excellent product. They are the largest producer and supplier of argan oil from Morocco. Due to the amount of fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants, this type of oil puts an ultimate protective layer on the beard hairs, making them smooth, soft and a beautiful shine. The antioxidants provide anti-aging and repair of the skin.

But also the very high quality ones Captain Fawcett beard oil is a premium product with fantastic essential ingredients on board. This beard oil is made from nourishing oils with almond and jojoba. The oils care for the hair of the beard and counteract dehydration of the underlying skin. This prevents the skin from flaking or irritation.

Before you can no longer see the beard oils due to the lush beard hairs, we hereby give you our top 10 of the best best beard oil that you simply cannot ignore. All icons that ensure that you can grow a very healthy-looking short, medium or long beard without irritation.


What is beard oil good for?

When you decide to grow a short or long beard, a good beard oil is indispensable in your grooming regime. Without a fine beard oil, your beard will remain dry and feel dead, like a dry bird's nest. Particularly uncomfortable and that ensures that you quickly use the knife again. And that is precisely not the intention. So are you growing a beard? Then this and the skin underneath cannot do without a good and natural beard oil!


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