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Mustache comb

Mustache comb

If you have a good mustache, a mustache comb is essential in the care of your mustache. The mustache is back and can now be seen in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you choose a Dali mustache, a chevron mustache or a curly mustache, every mustache deserves the right care. Why then do many men still use a cheap, plastic hair comb? Probably because they don't know what they can do with a mustache comb and what the benefits are.

What is a mustache comb and what can I do with it?

A mustache comb is a comb specifically designed for your mustache. With this mustache comb your mustache is easier to model than a regular comb . A mustache comb and mustache wax is the perfect (and indispensable) match to style your mustache in the best way. Should there also be a beard attached to that mustache? Then the use of a beard comb is also recommended. Remember that your mustache comb is specifically intended for your mustache, and your beard comb specifically for your beard.

The benefits of a mustache comb

  • Styles even the most unruly whiskers
  • More grip on your mustache than a regular comb
  • Dirt and dander are removed from the mustache
  • A mustache comb keeps your mustache hygienic
  • The direction of growth of your whiskers can be adjusted
  • Gets the maximum effect from your mustache wax

What is the difference between a mustache brush, mustache comb, and a normal comb?

A mustache comb is mainly characterized by the small model of the comb itself. The comb teeth of the mustache comb are also a lot smaller than a normal comb. This will give the teeth much more grip on the unruly whiskers.

A mustache brush is a brush for your mustache. The difference between a mustache brush and mustache comb is as obvious as a hairbrush and hair comb. A hairbrush has a lot of bristles that you brush your hair with, whereas a hair comb has a few teeth that comb your hair.

What size mustache comb should I choose?

Mustache combs are available in different sizes, although these sizes are always smaller than with regular combs. Mustache combs are available in regular size, pocket size and as a foldable mustache comb. Take your lifestyle into account so that you know which mustache comb size suits you best!

Purchase a good mustache comb, because it lasts longer, is better for your mustache and ultimately also cheaper in your wallet. And your mustache just looks better of course!

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