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Synthetic shaving brush

A synthetic shaving brush is very important in the routine of the man who loves to wet shave . A synthetic hair shaving brush is becoming increasingly popular due to the revolutionary properties of the artificial hairs. This makes it a very worthy alternative to animal hair.

In the higher segment of synthetic shaving brushes the hairs are virtually indistinguishable from real hair. For example, synthetic shaving brushes today are just as soft, massaging and absorbent.


Advantages of a synthetic shaving brush

  • Completely free of animal products and therefore vegan-friendly
  • The bristles are very absorbent, resulting in a rich and thick shaving foam
  • A synthetic hair shaving brush retains less bacteria, making it ideal for skin with acne or blemishes
  • Synthetic shaving brushes are inexpensive to purchase
  • Wide variety, choice and offer
  • Contains almost all the benefits of an animal hair shaving brush


How do you use a synthetic shaving brush?

Be sure to wet your synthetic shaving brush with lukewarm water, but don't get it soaking wet. Then lather shaving soap or shaving cream with shaving wax and lukewarm water in a shaving bowl. You do this by making circular movements with your shaving brush over the shaving soap in a shaving bowl. Don't apply too much pressure.

Pick up the shaving cream with your shaving brush and then apply it to your face. Let the shaving cream work for at least 1 minute. This ensures that your beard hairs become soft, making shaving a lot more pleasant.


How do you maintain a synthetic shaving brush?

Because a shaving brush is a handmade product, it will have a long life. As long as you maintain it properly, of course. Therefore, after every shave, clean your shaving brush with lukewarm water and blow it dry in the air. Now hang it upside down in a shaving brush holder .


What other variants of shaving brushes are there?

In addition to synthetic shaving brushes, there are also badger hair shaving brushes and boar bristle shaving brushes .



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