Tattoo ointment

Tattoo ointment

Having a tattoo done properly is an important matter, but the aftercare is just as important. If you don't take good care of your tattoo, there is a chance that it will dry out or that you will get inflammation. This can blur the lines of your tattoo considerably, and of course no one wants that. That is why it is important to apply good tattoo care , and tattoo ointment is a big part of that.

What is tattoo ointment?

Tattoo ointment is a greasy ointment that will protect your tattoo. Tattoo ointment actually puts a protective layer on your tattoo so that it is not disturbed by external influences. Tattoo ointment is the first step in tattoo aftercare. Apply tattoo ointment to your tattoo a few times a day (not too thick a layer) so that it remains well hydrated.

The benefits of tattoo ointment

  • Prevents your tattoo from drying out
  • Will your tattoo heal well
  • Prevents your tattoo from fading
  • Prevents inflammation
  • Protects your tattoo against external influences

What is the difference between tattoo oil, tattoo cream and tattoo ointment?

The main difference between these three products is the substance. A tattoo cream contains more water than a tattoo ointment and is often used as a second step in the healing process. Ointment is necessary for the protection of your tattoo, while cream feels good and softens. Tattoo oil is packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids and will also come in handy later in the healing of your tattoo. All three tattoo products have their own advantages and qualities.

How do you use tattoo ointment?

How often you have to use a tattoo ointment per day can differ per product. Therefore, always make sure that you read the instructions on the packaging carefully before you get started.

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