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razor holder

During wet shaving, you naturally use a razor and a shaving brush. Then it sometimes happens that these instruments unintentionally float through the bathroom. While, especially for longevity, they deserve much better. Like a safety razor holder.

This applies from a cartridge razor to the most chic double edge razor . If you want to enjoy them for a long time, it is wiser to store them safely. A sturdy stage like a razor blade holder where they hang high, dry and safe.

Think of it as the perfect carport for your motorcycle or convertible.

What is a razor holder?

A safety razor holder or also razor holder is a standard for hanging a razor upside down so that it can dry optimally. Another advantage is that your barber's knife or other type of razor does not disappear somewhere behind the shower curtain. Or that you suddenly slip over it.

Tip: Fortunately, there is still alum .


What are the advantages of a razor holder?


You should also not put a safety razor on a wet washcloth. Moisture causes corrosion of the steel in the longer term. Or for the coating of the razor. So hang it upside down in the designated razor blade holder and you will enjoy your shaver for a long time.


A razor stand or shaving brush holder are just as necessary as a good aftershave after shaving. The cologne cares for your skin after shaving just like the razor & shaving brush holder do for their materials.

So team work.

If you have (properly) invested in the perfect razor and ditto shaving brush, make sure that you cherish them with the right tools such as the razor blade holder and shaving brush standard. As you can see, we have a complete collection on the virtual shelves for you.

In combination for a razor holder & the shaving brush holder or the single versions. Naturally available in various class materials.

Just like, for example, a refined shaving set that is also missing in your collection.

Enjoy your shave!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.


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