Layrite is a brand from sunny California. Started in 2001 with a classic Pomade for... read more

Layrite is a brand from sunny California. Started in 2001 with a classic Pomade for the barbershop of the boys of Layrite, Harleywood in Orange... read more

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Layrite is a brand from sunny California. Started in 2001 with a classic Pomade for the barbershop of the boys of Layrite, Harleywood in Orange County. The eccentric Donnie Hawley is the founder of this barbershop and the founder of Layrite. After experimenting and mixing with Vaseline, Mason Pomade and Old Spice After Shave, he got the hang of it and started developing his own pomade . The result was the Original Pomade, which over the years has become the water-based pomade of the USA.


How did Layrite come about?

Donnie Hawley, who grew up in a barbershop, noticed that the barber trade was dying out. His love for the profession did not allow that and in 1999 he started his own barbershop. Inspired by the rockabilly style. He found himself greatly limited by the products available. So he started experimenting himself. While testing his pomade, one of his customers said it was the only product that 'made his hair lay right'. This inspired Donnie Hawley to create the Layrite brand in 2001. The rest is history.


What products does Layrite have?

Layrite started with the Layrite Original Pomade. This put the pomade back on the map in a new form. In recent years, in addition to hair styling products, Layrite has expanded its range considerably with a line for beard care and shaving products .


Layrite Pomade

After the great success of the Original Pomade in the Barbershop, Layrite quickly came up with the Superhold and the Super shine. Both products are based on the Original Pomade, but with a higher Hold and the other more Shine. Layrite currently has 4 Pomades in its range:


Layrite cement clay

In 2015, the Layrite Cement Clay joined this, a hair clay with a truly unprecedented mega hold. Keeps your hair in place all day long and gives your hair a matte finish. An ideal product when your haircut needs to be tight and good all day long. Removes curls and waves from your hair and gives your hairstyle a matte finish. The smell of the cement clay smells so pleasant that you almost want to put it in your mouth.

Layrite has certainly not stood still in recent years and has developed a beautiful range of products for styling your hair. In 2016 and 2017, Layrite came out with more new products, including a grooming spray , beard oil , and of course, a shampoo and conditioner .

The quality of the products is still very high and they have managed to keep the products unique. Layrite, one of the classics in the making.


Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil

Layrite developed a beard oil with their signature scent and in a slightly thicker form than regular beard oil. According to Layrite, regular beard oil is so thin that it is difficult to spread into the beard. Half runs between the fingers. The Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil is easy to distribute through the beard.


Layrite Grooming Spray

The Layrite Grooming Spray gives the hair extra hold without making it hard. Can also be used as a pre-styler to create extra volume in the hair.


What scent does Layrite have?

All products have the sweet 'signature' vanilla scent.


What are Layrite's most popular products?

  1. Layrite cement clay
  2. Layrite Superhold Pomade
  3. Layrite Natural Matte Cream