Scalp brush

Scalp brush

A scalp brush is a term that is becoming more and more common. However, many men do not know what such a scalp brush can mean. However, a scalp brush brings many benefits.

What is a Scalp Brush?

A scalp brush is also called a massage brush and is a hairbrush that is specially designed to support you in washing your hair. You can massage your scalp with a scalp brush while washing. Your scalp will be better cleaned, dead skin cells will be removed and you will stimulate the hair follicles. A scalp brush will therefore stimulate and improve the health of your hair!

The benefits of a scalp brush

  • Ensures an overall improvement in the quality of your hair
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Improves circulation
  • Helps fight hair loss
  • Frees hair from tangles
  • Offers a piece of relaxation

How do you use a scalp brush?

But how and when do you use a scalp brush? Well, you mainly use it during washing, but you can also brush your wet hair better with a scalp brush. You actually massage your hair care product (such as a shampoo or conditioner ) and you also give yourself a valuable scalp massage. You can also switch in the types of massages you give yourself. There are three ways to give yourself a good scalp massage.

1. Circular movements

Move in circular motions all over your scalp. This can of course be divided into several parts of your scalp and you can choose between large circles or very small ones. The handy handle on the scalp brush gives you a lot of grip and you can apply as much pressure as you want.

2. Zigzag movements

It is also possible to stimulate your scalp through zigzag movements. You follow a strip of your scalp and move over it with zigzag movements. You can start at your neck or the front of your head.

3. Straight lines

It is also possible to use your scalp brush in straight lines. You do this by brushing your wet hair from top to bottom. This will free your hair from tangles. This movement is the same as if you were to brush your hair with a normal brush.

Other types of hairbrushes

Afro sponge : Suitable for men with an afro hairstyle

Denman brush : Suitable for all hair lengths and hair types

Detangler brush : Perfect to detangle your hair

Paddle brush : Suitable for men with (medium) long hair

Round brush : Perfect for creating volume, waves or curls

Styling brush : Suitable for detangling your hair and adding volume

Vent brush : Quickly creates volume in your hair

Brush Cleaner : Cleans any hairbrush

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