There are different ways to shave yourself and so different razors are available.... read more

There are different ways to shave yourself and so different razors are available. Some razors give a smoother result than others. At The... read more

Safety Razor R89
Safety Razor R89


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Safety Razor R41


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There are different ways to shave yourself and so different razors are available. Some razors give a smoother result than others. At The Alpha Men we sell razors from the best brands for both the novice and the advanced razor!


What types of razors are there?

Razors come in different shapes and sizes. For example, there are different holders for the blades and there are different types of knives (open razor, closed razor).


Cartridge razor

The Cartridge Razor is the razor known to most men. This type of razor is therefore easy to obtain in the supermarket or drugstore. With a cartridge razor you use a holder on which you can always put new blades. This is often a knife with several small blades in it. This way of shaving requires the least technique and is therefore used by many men.

A disadvantage of shaving with a cartridge razor is that this way of shaving gives the least smooth result and you have a greater chance of irritation because it destroys rather than cuts hairs. For men who do not have sensitive skin and do not easily suffer from wounds, this way of shaving can be sufficient. In the long term, this way of shaving is also more expensive, because the replaceable blades are more expensive than those of, for example, a safety razor.


Safety razor

The Safety Razor is a classic holder in which you can put a blade. These blades are razor sharp and the holder holds the blade in such a way that you won't cut yourself easily. Most men who use a safety razor do wet shaving. This razor really cuts the hair and causes less irritation than a cartridge razor does. The blades are also cheaper. The safety razor itself is often a slightly more expensive, but one-time investment. Read in our blog about the safety razor why we recommend this way of shaving!



The Shavette is an alternative to an open razor (called a straight razor), which has interchangeable blades so you don't have to sharpen it yourself. This saves a lot of work and makes it more attractive for beginners to also master shaving with a straight razor! The blade is not quite the same as the straight razor because the texture of the cut is different and less gentle on the skin than a straight razor. So it takes some practice, but it produces a very smooth result!


Straight razor

The Straight Razor is also called "open razor" and is the authentic razor with which the best shaving result can be achieved. The blade must be polished and sharpened again and again, which requires some technique. Once you have mastered this, this way of shaving is a lot of fun! Many barbers use a straight razor because it produces the best result for the customer and it is a really authentic shave.


What is the difference between a closed comb and an open comb razor?

Closed combs are the most common. This type of comb is therefore very suitable for novice shavers. With a closed razor, there is a continuous guide at the end of the base plate that guides the blade over the skin. As a result, the skin is less exposed to the knife and the chance that you cut yourself is much smaller! A closed comb is therefore fine for normal beard growth.

An open comb, on the other hand, does not have this protective continuous conductor. The base plate ends in a kind of teeth. With a straight razor, the risk of cuts is therefore greater, but there is also a great advantage! Men with heavier beard growth benefit more from an open comb than from a closed comb. An open comb exposes a much larger portion of the blade to the skin. The result will therefore be much smoother.


Which razor is right for me?

The best way to shave your face is with a suitable razor. Now that you know more about the different types of razors, the suitability for each beard growth and what the differences are between a closed and an open comb, you naturally wonder which razor is best for you. Which type of razor is best for you also depends on your skin type and beard growth.


Razor for sensitive skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Then we advise you to go for a Safety Razor with a closed comb. A safety razor may be a bit more expensive than a cartridge razor, but it will also last many times longer! You only have to replace the blade if you notice that it is getting less.

Do you have sensitive skin but heavy beard growth? Then you can still opt for a razor with an open comb, but read this carefully in advance and use the right shaving products such as a good shaving soap, which you can whip into a nice thick foam.


Razor for normal skin

Is your skin not easily irritated and you don't get wounds easily? Then it is entirely up to you in which way you want to shave. Don't want to spend too much time on it? A cartridge razor will suffice in this case.

Do you want to do it the authentic way and are you willing to take the time? Then opting for a straight razor could be the right choice for you!


Razor for a heavy beard

A razor and beard go hand in hand. If you have a heavy beard growth, you will have to shave your face more often. We speak of heavy beard growth if you have thick and hard beard hairs, the shaved beard hairs soon cast a 'shadow' on your face and hair growth is fast.

If you have heavy beard growth, you need different tools than if you have light beard growth. After all, you have twice as much (or twice as thick) hair to shave. The best option is therefore a safety razor or a straight razor. These can better handle the resistance offered by heavy beard growth. In the Top 10 Safety Razors you will find the best selection for heavy beard growth.


What brands of razors are there?

Ready to make your choice? Then it is important to know which brand suits you best. Are you going for an authentic straight razor? The Bluebeards Revenge has a wonderful range of classic razors.

Buy a nice safety razor? Then you could, for example, opt for a beautiful and high-quality razor from Mühle or Gillette .

On this page you will find all loose razor blades that you can use for your chosen razor!


What's the best razor?

This answer, of course, varies from person to person. For example, you have to keep in mind what skin type and what kind of beard growth you have. Every man also has his own preferences in terms of sustainability, price, sharpness, function, etc. Do you think the environment is important, for example? Then a safety razor or shavette would suit you well, because they are very durable. Are you looking for a razor for the man's body or just for beard growth? All these topics influence the choice of your best razor.

Answer all the above questions for yourself and you will definitely end up with your perfect razor. If you still have questions about this, please feel free to contact The Alpha Men. We are happy to help you make this decision!



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