Double edge blades

Double edge blades

Wafer-thin polished and non-stick coated stainless steel. Razor sharp on both sides. Or... read more

Wafer-thin polished and non-stick coated stainless steel. Razor sharp on both sides. Or on 1 side if it is one single-edge blade. You... read more

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Double edge blades

Wafer-thin polished and non-stick coated stainless steel. Razor sharp on both sides. Or on 1 side if it is one single-edge blade. You simply mount the double edge blade between the head and the base plate of a safety razor . You can easily slide a single edge razor blade into one shavette . Also known as the open barber's knife.

Tip: you can easily break double edge razor blades in half so that you can use half for the shavette. 

The stainless steel razor blades are processed in such a way that they do not corrode. The tools to comfortably achieve a very smooth result. So get a real shaving brush but firmly in hand!

What Are Double Edge Razor Blades?

A double edge razor is the authentic interchangeable razor blade for the safety razor or a shavette. Due to the advent of disposable cartridges, it has been unjustly forgotten. Such a double edge blade is the sustainable, comfortable and much cheaper alternative to razor blades in that plastic cassette.

You know them: the throwaways of Gillette . Compare them in this one battle with a safety razor. Interesting outcomes. To put it mildly.

Funny detail: double edge blades are even used in industry for traditional cutting techniques. So you see that those wafer-thin very sharp blades are multifunctional.

Which double edge razor blades are best?

This is often a personal choice. We know the double-sided razor blades in many variations and qualities. The razor blades are produced in various countries and each brand has its own fan base.

Double edge blades are packed from 5 to 200 pieces. For a fraction of the price compared to the Gillette Fusion Pro disposable cartridges. Double & single edge blade razor blades are packaged in such a way that you can always use them sterile.

Sharpness of a double edge blade

The double-sided razor blades come in different sharpnesses. They are clearly classified on a scale of 1 to 5. If you are just switching to a safety razor, it is wise to go for a sharpness from 1-3.

So you can get used to shaving with these single blades in a safety razor. It takes a little more technique to shave yourself properly. But once you've mastered it, you'll never go back to 'light work'.

Tip: check out our step-by-step wetshaving plan on how to best shave in the classic way.

Smoothness of double edge razor blades

The sharpness of a double edge blade is characteristic. But each type of blade also has a certain smoothness. A less sharp razor blade has a smaller cutting angle. More convenient if you are using a safety razor for the first time. Clearly less aggressive than the sharper brother. Just experiment.

The sharpest razor blades have a longer cutting angle and are for men who are used to smoothing the skin with a safety razor. These guys know the tricks of the trade and don't want anything else.

at least, you can always step up to a traditional straight razor. Of course we know many enthusiasts of shaving with the shavette. Always possible!

Which double edge razor blades should you buy for your razor?

Buy double edge razor blades. Sometimes you can no longer cultivate the trees through the forest due to the great variety. But let's get you started by tipping off a few established brands:

So are the feather razor blades very popular with many hardcore shaving enthusiasts. This brand is also frequently used by barbers. Are you a beginner we would definitely go first derby razor blades purchase. Then choose the least sharp variants (1-3). Can you go and test.

Of course we can't ignore Gillette. King C was indeed the inventor of the scraper and its double edge blades. It is mandatory for their stand to have an extensive collection of double edge blades on their shelves.

Why buy double edge razor blades?

Of course we don't want to commit you to anything. But the writer of this article shaved (much too) long with commercial disposable blades. Until I was in the bathroom with a safety razor for the first time.

The full monty. So with the shaving brush, shaving bowl and of course craft shaving cream . In combination with a slant safety razor I learned to shave myself for the first time. With a result never before achieved. Refined smooth and no razor burns .

Please note: I have had those wounds. By being too enthusiastic while navigating. But once a samurai? No problem! And luckily there is such a thing as alum .

How do I shave with double edge razors?

You can easily load double edge blades into a safety razor. When you start shaving with this for the first time, we first recommend the entry-level blades that are not too sharp. With the safety razor, unlike the Gillette Cartridge, you do not have to put pressure on the skin. Due to its weight, it glides naturally over the skin.

In general, you place the knife at an angle of 30 degrees to your face. Smooth over the skin with the hair growth. Thanks to the resistance of the double-sided razor, you automatically feel whether you are shaving efficiently.

Tip: work as safely as possible? Check out our article 'How to do the most common shaving mistakes can avoid.

Maintenance of double edge razor blades

Very simple. After shaving, rinse the safety razor with lukewarm water and pat it dry. Even though safety razors or shavettes have a long lifespan, it is still useful not to store them in a damp bathroom.

How often do I replace double edge razor blades?

Generally speaking, you can achieve a comfortable shave with a double edge razor 5 to 7 times. With some brands even up to 10 times. It also depends on the type of beard growth. If you have firm and full beard hairs, the knife will wear out sooner than if you have less stubble volume.

How do I dispose of used razor blades?

You not only shave much more comfortably with double edge blades, but you also contribute to a better environment. ( Source: USA Today: "still, billions of plastic razors and refill blade cartridges get tossed in landfills each year.")

The only waste is the wafer-thin steel blade, which is perfectly recyclable. To store the used razor blades as easily as possible, use a razor dispenser. Stylish isn't it?

Well-known brands of double edge razor blades

We have just mentioned the popular brands Derby, Feather and Gillette, but there are of course even more metalsmiths who produce the finest double edge blades. For example, Wilkinson, Muhle and Rockwell Razors have effective collections of double edge blades in their range.

Check out our full collection of double edge razor blades and, as many before you, choose from a number of brands and get started. Then you will automatically find out which type suits you and your safety razor best!

Tip: if you are going to experiment, use a good shaving gel . Just look at how comfortable and smooth your skin gets.


If you opt for real shaving comfort, you cannot ignore a safety razor with the double edge blades. You cannot compare the result with the cartridge razor. With the latter you can suffer from irritation, red sensitive skin and ingrown hairs.

If you also put the cost and environmental aspect side by side, you're done. Oh yes, those costs? A good double edge razor blade costs about 0.35 cents. You pay an average of E 3.50 each for a disposable Gillette Mach3 or Fusion blade (!). In short, a classic double edge blade is pure cutting edge.

Final tip: do yourself a favor with one shaving set . Are you as complete as Roger Federer.


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