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Shave Kit.

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Shaving set

If you have a bit of everything in your bathroom, often including the entry-level models, it's time to upgrade your shaving tools. No more disposable blades and home garden and kitchen products. Time for the real work. Maybe you are on the road a lot. Even then you can enjoy a comfortable shave every morning at a high level.


What's in a shaving kit?

Shaving sets for men are available in different shapes and sizes. For beginners to experts and everything in between. Are you looking for a complete shaving set to start with or a nice shaving set as a gift? Then definitely buy a shaving set that contains the following products:


Starter set

You have to start somewhere. Your mother's disposable razor blades, the Kruidvat sensitive shaving brush and a chemical shaving cream from AX. Time for some news. That is a difference that you, together with your skin, will certainly notice.

To make it easier for you, we have already made a wide selection of starter kits. In several price categories. With several types of razors. You can choose the most premium, luxurious shaving set. But also for the cheaper (but still very nice) starter sets. So there is a good match for everyone!

Gift tip: Don't know what gift to buy for a man? Give him a luxurious shaving set as a gift, which is pure indulgence for many men!


Why does a shaving set also contain a shaving brush?

We believe that a shaving kit without a shaving brush is not a real shaving kit. If you want to shave like a pro, use one safety razor and a good shaving soap. And to apply a shaving soap to the skin you need a shaving brush. In terms of quality, a badger hair shaving brush our preference. These are more likely to be found in a traditional shaving set. These shaving brushes are pure luxury, comfort and last a long time.


How do you shave wet?

If you want a perfect shave in a comfortable way, you can of course do so wet. In the right order. So preferably after a hot shower. Than a pre shave , good shaving soap and a safety razor with a sharp double-edged blade blade.

Shave tip: To make wet shaving easy for beginners, we have an extensive wet shaving guide tutorial made. Then it can't go wrong anymore!


What do you use a shaving bowl for?

Of course you can also add a shaving bowl to your shaving kit.

In principle, you can also whip up the shaving cream with the brush directly from the jar in which the shaving soap or shaving cream is already foaming. But with one shaving bowl you can beat the shaving soap much better and easier into an optimally thick and creamy mousse. You can't do that in the jar of shaving soap itself.

It is best to preheat the bowl with water. You leave a little bit of warm water in it. Then you get the wet and warm shaving brush through the shaving soap so that it is well saturated. Then you whip up the soap with the shaving brush in the bowl. Until you have a rich thick shaving soap.

Do you want to take your shaving routine to another level? Then give yourself a nice shaving set. Just go enjoy it. Fortunately, we have plenty of choice in our virtual shaving boutique!


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