Razor blades

Razor blades for men come in great variations, qualities and sharpnesses. Razor blades... read more

Razor blades for men come in great variations, qualities and sharpnesses. Razor blades are the tools for maintaining a mustache, beard, or smooth... read more

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Razor blades

Razor blades for men come in great variations, qualities and sharpnesses. Razor blades are the tools for maintaining a mustache, beard, or smooth skin. There is a different kind for every type of beard razor . You have simple disposable razors to luxurious shavettes and open razors as the barbers use them. There is an entire industry for men's razors, which is also gaining popularity among the ladies.


Different types of razor blades for men

So there are quite a few different types of razors for men. When you use a good razor, you can expect the closest, best and most comfortable shave. But what kind of blades are there on the market? We are going to highlight three types of razor blades for you.


Double Edge Blades

Double Edge razor blades are wafer-thin razor blades with a cutting surface on both sides. They are very durable razor blades. These double edge blades are mainly used in a safety razor. The blades come in different sharpnesses, which are shown on a scale of 1 to 5. Because they have two cutting surfaces, you can use a blade several times, so you don't have to buy new blades as quickly. So it will cost you less time, less money and less hassle.

Double Edge Blades can also be broken in half and used in you shavette . When you shave with these blades, you can expect a smooth and comfortable result, without irritation. Shaving with a safety razor does require a little more technique than with the standard Gillette cartridge razor.


Single Edge Blades

Single Edge Blades are used in a shavette. Also called an 'open knife'. The shavette contains loose razor blades. You can also break the double edge blades in half and keep half. The advantage of these blades with a double cutting edge is that there is a lot of choice on the market. This way you can discover for yourself which blades you like best. Ideal for a shavette.

A shavette is somewhat similar to one open razor but with interchangeable blades. So you don't have to sharpen the knife yourself. You can do multiple shaves with the single edge blades. With a high quality single edge blade you can shave comfortably up to 8x with a close result. And a nice extra: you do this for a fraction of the amount you pay if you compare it with a disposable razor. Couldn't imagine at first!


Mach3 and Fusion

The Gillette Fusion razor blades and Mach 3 razor blades are for the cartridge razors and are good razors for men in their own right. These are the units with 3 to 7 encapsulated blades. Shaving is easy, fast and comfortable. These cartridge blades also contain a strip that turns white when shaving is no longer optimal. This way you know exactly when you need to replace a cartridge razor blade. Of course we have a large collection Gillette razor blades in our webshop.

In terms of shaving result, there is something to be said if you use the Safety razor vs Cartridge Razor going to view. They are quite different from each other, but it's just a matter of looking at what suits you best.


What are the best razors for men?

In our view, that is actually very simple. Compared to the disposable cartridges, the double edge or single edge blades are really better for shaving comfortably and without irritation. Why?

  • Very accurate result and a nicer experience
  • Shave less often because the end result is smoother
  • Less chance of irritated skin
  • There is a lot of variation in double edge blades
  • The double-sided razor blades are much cheaper


How much do razor blades cost?

There is quite a big price difference between single/double edge blade razor blades and the disposable cartridges. The average price for a good razor blade in a safety razor is between 25 and 40 cents. A disposable cartridge blade is therefore on average more than 10x more expensive. Let's do some math. Suppose you shave from the age of 20 to the age of 80 and you use a new blade every week on average. That is 52 blades per year, for 60 years. Apart from the fact that a disposable cartridge with various components such as rubber, plastic, metal and ink is not really good for the environment either.

Costs disposable blades:
3,120 weeks x €4.00 = €12,480.00
Costs double edge blade blades:
3,120 weeks x €0.40 = €1,248.00

Where do I buy razor blades?

Razors are available everywhere these days. Razor blades can be found at the drugstore around the corner, the supermarket and even at the gas station. However, here you will mainly find standard disposable razor blades that happen to be in stock at that time. Little choice, poor quality. When you look at us, you will find good quality cartridges, but also luxurious safety razors and shavettes. We have quite a wide range. Enough reasons to take a look around!


Maintain razor blades

Maintaining a razor blade is simple. After every shave, rinse the blade or blades in the disposable cartridge well with lukewarm water. Rinsing a single/double edge blade is easier than with a disposable cartridge because in the latter it is more difficult to remove the soap and hairs between the blades. Dry the blades carefully with a towel.

Replace razor blades with one safety razor is also easy by unscrewing the shaving head and cleaning the screw thread and the holder regularly with lukewarm water. Remove soap residue and deposits. You can also use apple cider vinegar diluted with water. You then put the safety razor in there for a few hours. But beware: vinegar can affect the metal coating of the safety razor. So be careful.


How long can you use a razor blade?

How often should you replace your razor blade ? With disposable cartridge blades such as the Mach3 or Fusion from Gillette, for example, you can perform an average of 5-7 shaves. These are of course averages, but also our experience. Some users replace the blade after shaving 5 times and you also have men who manage to get 10 shaves out of it.

The same also applies to the double edge blade knives. If you go for the loafers and the most inexpensive versions, you can use such a double edge blade about 5 to 6 times. The choice is huge. One of the loafers is this type of razor blade The Blue Beards Revenge - Double Edge Blades . Only € 0.25 each and you can shave very comfortably with it.


What is the best way to clean a razor blade?

As described above, it is best to clean the blades with lukewarm water. Do not work with all kinds of aggressive cleaning agents. It's not necessary.


Razor blades for women

In the past, most ladies shaved with the infamous disposable razors. But the ladies are also gradually discovering that there is a much more comfortable way of shaving: with a safety razor and double edge blades. In contrast to the cartridge razor with which you have to scrape the skin much more often with many more encapsulated blades to get the legs smooth. So looking for one razor for women ? Then go for a safety razor. No one will regret it!


Tips for shaving

How do you prevent and treat razor burn ? Of course, a good shaving routine (especially when shaving sensitive skin) is very important to get a comfortable and close shave. Especially since you will not suffer from the following ailments: 

  1. Irritations
  2. Razor burn (red spots)
  3. Inflammation (due to beard hairs that shoot back under the skin)
  4. Ingrown hairs
  5. Acne
  6. Razor burns

Tips and tricks.