Sharp, smooth blades lead to sharp, smooth shaves. Originally from the heart of the Czech Republic, Astra razor blades are among the most sought after and respected manufacturers of double edge razor blades in the world. The Astra Superior Platinum is not only a preferred choice for wet shaving around the world, but also a brand with a rich history. As the largest producer of double edge blades in the former Eastern Bloc, Astra was dominant until 1996, when Gillette recognized the brand's potential, took over and moved production to Russia.

Manufactured by Gillette in Russia, the Astra Superior Platinum is the symbol of shaving class, crafted from cold, tough, durable metal. The unique platinum coating not only provides a durable, reliable blade, but also guarantees an accurate cut for a clean, smooth finish. It is this perfect balance of sharpness and softness that makes Astra popular among men. They are designed to efficiently treat your stubble, but with a forgivingness that is ideal for both normal and sensitive skin.

Although Astra's roots lie in the past, the brand remains at the forefront of the modern shaving world. The result is a shave as smooth as vodka served in a block of ice, an experience your face will appreciate time and time again. Choose Astra, and experience a combination of tradition, quality and modern craftsmanship in every blade.


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