Eight & Bob

Eight & Bob

Eight & Bob is a prestigious brand of perfumes known worldwide for its distinctive, exclusive... read more

Eight & Bob is a prestigious brand of perfumes known worldwide for its distinctive, exclusive fragrances. The brand's origins date back to the early 20th... read more

Eight & Bob Eau de Parfum - Egypt 30 ml

Eight & Bob

Eight & Bob is a prestigious brand of perfumes known worldwide for its distinctive, exclusive fragrances. The brand's origins date back to the early 20th century and the story behind its creation is both fascinating and unique.

Its founder, Albert Fouquet was a French aristocrat and perfumer of exceptional talent. Fouquet developed his own perfumes for private use and sometimes gave them as gifts to friends. One of his most famous creations is the fragrance we know today as Eight & Bob.


The story behind Eight & Bob

The story goes that in 1937 Fouquet was vacationing on the French Riviera when he met a young American student named John F. Kennedy. JFK was so impressed with Fouquet's perfume that he asked him if he could make him a sample. Fouquet agreed, and several months later, Kennedy received a box of the perfume. Included with the box was a letter in which Fouquet explained that the fragrance had limited availability because the perfume's essential ingredients came from a rare Andean plant. What makes this ingredient rare is that it could only be harvested in two months of the year. He named the perfume "Eight & Bob" because Kennedy's brother had named it that in his letter of thanks.

After Fouquet's death during World War II, production of Eight & Bob was discontinued. The brand was forgotten for decades until the formula was rediscovered and the brand was re-established in the early 21st century.

Today, Eight & Bob is a globally recognized brand known for its sophisticated, timeless fragrances. Eight & Bob's original fragrance remains one of the brand's most popular creations, loved for its complex, sophisticated blend of aromatic and woody notes. The brand's limited availability and exclusivity contribute to its popularity with both perfume lovers and collectors around the world.



Although Eight & Bob started with its signature perfume, the brand has since introduced a diverse range of fragrances that are equally sophisticated and complex. Each of these fragrances has its own unique character, but they all share the commitment to quality and craftsmanship that characterizes the Eight & Bob brand. Each of the 6 perfumes tells a story for example about the places that inspired Albert Fouquet and has a unique scent that is distinctive and memorable. An example of this is the Champs de Provence , a perfume inspired by the scents of Provence. So it has one fresh and vibrant blend in the base of bergamot, orange and pear, floral top notes of jasmine, rose and orange blossom, and a heart of ambroxan, moss and mate.

In addition to the traditional Eau de Parfum, Eight & Bob also offers Extrait de Parfum, which provides a more intense fragrance experience. The Agneta and Guèthary variants of this Extrait de Parfum are characterized by a scent that lasts longer and is generally more powerful than the standard Eau de Parfum. This increased intensity is due to the higher fragrance concentration in an Extrait de Parfum.

No matter which perfume or extrait de parfum you choose, you will always enjoy Eight & Bob's carefully developed fragrances, each exuding elegance and class!



In addition to their refined range of perfumes, Eight & Bob has also developed a line of high-quality care products. These products share the same attention to detail and quality that characterizes the brand, and many are infused with the unique scents that have made Eight & Bob famous. An example of the products is the Shower Gel E&B Amenities that comes with a scent of Jasmine sambac, white musk and neroli, taking your senses on a mystical journey across brilliantly clear waters, reflecting like a beautiful sunset. Eight & Bob also has an aftershave , body milk, hand cream , hand soap and lip balm .


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