Proraso Cologne - Wood & Spice 100 ml

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Obvious Eau de Parfum - Un Oud 100 ml
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Obvious Eau de Parfum - Un Oud 100 ml
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Fragrances for men

A perfume for men does something to your appearance and to the first impression people get of you. Actually, a good perfume is at least as important as your haircut, your outfit and your shoes. It is the finishing touch for the look you want to go for. Are you going for classic, luxurious, charming, sexy, warm, bushy or fresh? There is always a men's perfume that perfectly suits you and your personal style.


Your signature men's fragrance

The scent you wear takes you to an experience that in turn evokes a feeling. Most men have at least one fragrance that they keep on the sink. This is also called your "signature scent", the scent that other people will associate with you.

Real connoisseurs have several signature scents. For different occasions and different seasons. In the summer, fresh or sweet men's fragrances are more suited to the atmosphere, in the winter, darker fragrances, such as woody fragrances for men, pass by. Light perfumes are often used during the day and more spicy scents in the evening. Also pay attention to the scent notes that differ per perfume.


Which fragrance notes suit me?

A fragrance note is another word for ingredient in the perfume world. The ingredients in a perfume are what give the fragrance its air. Fragrance notes can also be compared to musical notes. You have light and floating notes and dark, heavier notes. A perfume consists of three layers of notes. Top notes, heart notes and base notes. When you realize that you have a preference for certain notes, it is easy to filter men's perfume on this.


Top notes

These notes will be the first to be smelled when you put on the perfume. Very important, because you will smell this when you want to test perfumes. After about ten minutes these notes will fade a bit and the other notes will emerge.


Heart notes

You will start to smell these notes when the top notes have faded after about ten minutes. These notes will connect with the top note, creating an extra fragrance dimension. The heart notes last for about two to three hours.


Base notes

These nuts take a while to develop. Base notes can be smelled after two to three hours and will last up to six hours without weakening.


Eau de parfum, eau de toilette or eau de cologne?

When purchasing a fragrance, it is important to know that there is a difference between eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne . They all get their specific scent from the perfume oil it contains.

The perfume version contains the most concentration of perfume that you can enjoy all day long. Eau de toilette contains more water than an eau de parfum , and eau de cologne contains even more water. This makes the prices a lot more favorable! An aftershave is also often used as a scent. But there is a difference between eau de toilette and aftershave . The perfume types that have just been described linger a lot longer, since they are intended for that.

At The Alpha Men we have a range of tasty fragrances for men of very good quality. We have a wide choice, from sweet men's fragrances to woody fragrances for men. Get inspired and choose a fragrance that suits you!



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