Hair clay is ideal for creating definition and texture on short to medium length... read more

Hair clay is ideal for creating definition and texture on short to medium length hairstyles that require a more structured, textured or urban look.... read more

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Hair clay is ideal for creating definition and texture on short to medium length hairstyles that require a more structured, textured or urban look. It provides a firm hold, with a completely matte finish.

What is hair clay?

Hair clay is a styling product for your hair. With a clay you can model your hair and you will add extra definition and texture. A hair clay for men is packed with healthy and high-quality herbal ingredients and extracts. These make your hair and scalp look and feel healthier. The clay can be used on dry hair, but also slightly damp hair.

The difference between a pomade, clay, paste, wax and gel is big. That's why you shouldn't compare them with each other. They are all hair styling products, but they all have different features. That is why you should not expect the same result from a wax and a clay.


Why buy hair clay?

Clay is an ideal product for men with thinner hair because hair clay can create volume. It gives the hair more body and a strong hold. When choosing a clay for your hair you have to be a little careful and test what works best for you. If a product is too stiff, you may have to go down a category (from high to medium, for example). Hair clay is definitely one of the best hair styling products you can have in your bathroom, because hairstyles with a high hold and matte finish are more popular than ever and long lasting.


How do you use clay?

Hair clay can be a bit more difficult to apply because it is quite a stiff product. First rub a clay well warm between the palms, then it will be a lot easier to distribute through the hair. Do not use too much clay as this can make the hair too heavy and cause it to collapse.


Benefits of hair clay

We often hear the question “is clay bad for your hair?” Fortunately, a hair clay is good for your hair due to the good ingredients. Remember, of course, that you have to wash a hair clay, just like any other hair product, from your hair every so often. A hair clay is not only good for your hair, but also brings many other benefits.

  • Hair clay tends to draw out dirt and impurities from the hair without drying out the hair with its natural oils.
  • Hair clay naturally has healing and stimulating properties of the hair shaft and scalp (making it good for men with sensitive skin and scalp) and promotes hair growth.
  • A clay nourishes the hair and scalp, because it is rich in minerals and nutrients.
  • It conditions and moisturizes hair to control and maintain frizz, especially for men with curly or longer hair.

What is the best clay?

That depends on your own preferences. Do you want to go for a matte or glossy look? Do you want a strong or a light hold? In any case, several hair clays are extremely popular, such as the four clays below.


1. Hanz de Fuko Claymation

The Claymation from the quality brand Hanz de Fuko is one of the best-selling hair clays with a super high hold and a matte finish to give volume to your hair and a model that lasts all day.

Claymation is a mix of a very good hair clay with a secret mix of natural waxes. This to make the product that can be used for the sleekest and most creative models. The Claymation is ideal for styling a high pompadour or a natural Quiff. The Claymation contains a little bit of grit that is recognizable from the Quicksand, this gives that little extra texture to your haircut. In short; really a must-have styling product!


2. Layrite Cement Clay

The Cement Clay of Layrite ; as the name suggests, this is a hair clay with a mega strong hold. The clay gives your hair a matte finish and a hold that keeps your hair in shape all day. The clay is produced on a water basis and does not flake or let go during the day, which you sometimes see happen with other clays.

Because this clay is produced on a water basis, it is easy to wash out, but it does not get greasy in your hair. This matte finish therefore lasts all day long.


3. Lard Clay Matte Pomade

This Clay Matte Pomade from Reuzel offers your hairstyle a flexible hold with a matte finish throughout the day. This clay is extremely suitable to significantly improve the texture of your hair and to increase the volume of your haircut. This clay is suitable for short haircuts, but because of the heavy hold, curls can also be held in shape without any problem. Despite the heavy hold, the matte pomade is easy to wash out of your hair. This is because the hair clay is water-based. To complete the product, Reuzel has added the delicious scent of vanilla mint.


4. BluMaan Cavalier Clay

Do you want to enjoy an extreme texture with a long-lasting hold all day long? Then BluMaan 's Cavalier Clay is probably a good match. This hair clay is very suitable for casual and messy looks and is suitable for every hair type. Because this clay has a firm consistency, even thick, coarse or curly hair can be controlled.

BluMaan is convinced that a good haircut is only a good haircut if it is healthy. That is why this clay not only contains the quality to model and keep your hair in good shape, but also ingredients that nourish your hair. Your hair is strengthened by natural amino acids, oils and proteins.


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