Hair gel is undoubtedly the first hair product that you used as a... read more

Hair gel is undoubtedly the first hair product that you used as a teenager to style your wild forest. We all remember the... read more

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Hair gel is undoubtedly the first hair product that you used as a teenager to style your wild forest. We all remember the fluorescent blue and bright yellow large pots that were in the bathroom. And as you read this, you remember the chemical smell that shot into your nose every morning when you opened that jar. It was a kind of thin wet pomade that made your hair rock hard. Like a Playmobil haircut.

Fortunately, creative minds have emerged over the years to take hair gel to the next level. Refined, better developed, better ingredients. The hair gel has become a bit older and wiser with you. Buying hair gel, it might be a bit exciting after your past experiences. Decide after reading the following answers!


What does gel do to your hair?

With a good hair gel you can style the hair in a certain desired model. Gel is relatively wet but dries and hardens quite quickly. Much harder than other hair styling products. With a gel you also have less opportunity to restyle the hair during the day, but once well styled in the morning, you can be sure in the afternoon and evening.


What is the best gel for your hair?

Chemical gels are not good for your hair: fact. Fortunately, there are now enough alchemists who have specialized in high-quality hair gel. Developing the best hair gel for your haircut, that was their goal.

Nowadays you have hair gels that consist entirely of natural ingredients, and that makes us quite happy. Look for a hair gel that won't flake in your hair. Of course you want a hair gel that is comfortable to use and can style your hair without effort.

Do you want to buy a good hair gel? With us you have an extensive choice so that we dare to say out loud that that match is easy to find.


Is gel bad for your hair?

It all depends on what type of gel you use. Leave the cheap supermarket gels on the metal shelves. It contains so much chemical junk that will not make your hair or your skin happy. Your hair often becomes rock hard due to those chemicals, making it look like you have a playmobil haircut.

Bad gel can also suffocate your hair, making it unable to breathe. Then we don't have to explain to you what that does to your haircut. Try one of our premium gels. Most hair gels consist of natural products, which nourishes your hair and does not suffocate it. These gels are good for your hair so you can style your hair without stress.

Tip: Read our blog ' will gel make you bald ' for more information.


What kind of gel is good for thin hair?

A gel is not a product that is recommended for thin hair. Often your hair will stick together, so that more scalp is visible. If you want to make thin hair look thicker, it is best to style your hair with a lightweight product such as cream, styling powder or a paste.

But having said that, there is definitely gel for it thin hair . There are refined hair gels that ensure that your thin head gets more volume. Pay particular attention to the ingredients and the texture that the hair gel gives your haircut.


How much hair gel should I use?

Modern hair gels are now lighter in weight and no longer contain as much alcohol. That wet and rock hard hair that you used to get from your gel, you won't get anymore. A more natural and healthier look is the result. Due to the structure of its gel, it is easy to grab and rub on your hands.

About one or two fingertips of hair gel are enough for short hair. For medium length hair, use two to four fingertips. That is enough hair gel to get your hair in shape in one go.


What hairstyle is hair gel suitable for?

A gel is best if you have short to straight medium length hair. You can give this type of hair a tight character with a good gel. It gives a good hold and it can give a powerful shine. Her gel is also suitable for men with curly hair. This creates a more natural stroke without making it greasy.

A gel is not so much suitable for long hair. You can use it gently, but not too much. Then it can look unkempt. That's why we recommend a good one hair oil On. This nourishes, nourishes and gives your hair a healthy shine. It is therefore no longer fluffy!


What is the difference between gel and wax?

A wax and gel share some properties, but there are differences: a gel hardens and a wax does not. Hair wax is everyone's friend and suitable for almost every hair type. Another advantage of wax? You can restyle your hair all day long. That is not possible with a gel.

Do you want to buy a gel? Of course we have an extensive collection with the best hair gels on the shelves for you. Check out our Top 10 Hair Gel and live it up!


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