Top 10 beard oil

Top 10 baardolie
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Top 10 beard oil

It is impossible to imagine the streets without beards. Beards are more popular than ever. After all, just like your outfit, shoes and hairstyle, a beard determines your appearance. To give you an example of the difference your beard makes to your appearance: Nick Schilder (of Nick & Simon). Just Google it. You don't need makeup, fillers or botox if you have beard growth. And all you need to do for it is to grow your beard.

In short, the beard is here to stay. In all its shapes and sizes. However, all beards have one thing in common: they need to be cared for to keep shining. A good and healthy beard cannot exist without grooming. An indispensable component? Beard oil.

What is the best beard oil?

The best beard oil is one that consists of natural ingredients. Synthetic junk we like to leave aside. If you're proud of your beard, you naturally want to take care of it as best you can to keep it looking its best. The best beard oil is a concentrated product made up of refined natural oils. Those oils all have different qualities, such as nourishing your beard, stimulating beard growth, etc. This is very important for the condition of your beard.

What is in a good beard oil?

The best beard oil consists of the following natural oils:

  • Jojoba oil
  • Argan oil
  • Almond oil
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Mint oil

Of course, there are other natural oils, but the above oils in particular are very popular and often found in a good beard oil. A good beard oil is usually infused with essential oils, giving the beard oil its unique character and masculine scents. You have scents from soft vanilla to heavy smoky rum blends. There is an appropriate scent for everyone!

Because of all these beautiful beard oils, as far as we are concerned, a man should grow his beard at least once in his life. For a longer period of time. Otherwise you miss out on all the fun a beard can bring you! And you want to know how a beard looks on you, right? Who knows, maybe you too will get the Nick Painter effect.

How do you choose the best beard oil for your beard?

For both stubble and long wild beards. Beard oil is rather important for all beards. For all beard types and volumes, there is a type of beard oil that fits best. For example, there are thin and thick beard oils available. A thicker beard oil is best suited for the longer and thicker beard. A thicker beard oil also usually only needs to be massaged into full beard once a day because it is more concentrated and remains active longer. In addition, the scent of a thick beard oil also remains longer.

For short beards or beards with thin beard hairs, we recommend using a thin beard oil. This oil is more easily absorbed into the beard and skin without leaving your face and beard greasy. Excessively thick beard oil has difficulty penetrating short or thin beards and skin. A long beard has more surface area to absorb the thick oil perfectly.

Why should you use a beard oil?

Beard oil is an essential tool that will revive your beard and keep it vital. A healthy beard does not come naturally. The hairs of your beard are quite different in structure from the hairs on your head. Your beard hairs are a lot stiffer and harder in shape. This is because the hair follicles in the skin of your beard hairs, will provide your hairs with less nourishing fats and oils. Especially when you have a longer beard, the skin is unable to optimally supply these long hairs with the necessary body's own nutrition to keep the beard sufficiently moisturized.

Especially also if you wash the beard too often with "standard" shampoo you will wash out all the natural fats and oils. Your skin simply cannot cope with this. The result? Irritation, dry skin and a dry beard. That's why a good beard oil is crucial. It nourishes the skin and replenishes the necessary fats. Beard oil also protects against bacteria.

It is always advisable not to use shampoo used for your main hair. What you should use then? A good beard shampoo. And preferably one from our top 10 best beard shampoo.

What are the best beard oil brands?

Natural and nourishing ingredients provide healthy and necessary protection for your beard and skin. This makes your beard look healthy, shiny and cared for. A good beard oil also prevents skin irritations and therefore flaking and beard itching. So in addition to the nourishing nature of beard oils, these also usually come in enticing beard oil scents. Odorless beard oil is, of course, also available. There are many choices in various types of beard oil. Let's highlight some of the top brands for you.


Azbane is the brand known in the field of argan oil. The brand is the largest producer and supplier of the rare argan oil that can only be extracted in Morocco. It is no wonder, then, that Moroccan argan oil is the ingredient present in almost all of Azbane 's products.

Sowhat exactlyis argan oil? Argan oil is made up of fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants that create a protective layer on your beard. As a result, your beard will be completely hydrated and nourished. The result? A soft, naturally shiny, vibrant and healthy beard. Argan oil also conditions the skin under your beard. Argan oil is anti-aging and caring for sensitive or dry skin.

The people behind Azbane are artists when it comes to putting together the perfect oil blends. The nourishing properties of the beard oils also mean you no longer have to worry about skin irritation. When you start using Azbane beard oils, it becomes difficult to move away from them.


The Czech brand Beviro is gaining momentum to become a major brand for natural cosmetic products for men. It is a young brand with great ambition and a clear vision. The products should be as natural as possible, with as few compromises as possible.

An ingredient list can be long and difficult, making you doubt all the terms on it. Beviro doesn't want that, and wants to be as clear and natural as possible. Because of all the natural ingredients, you may accidentally mistake their ingredient list for a grocery list.

Therefore, their best beard oil is obviously pure natural. The main ingredients are rice oil (which regenerates and softens the skin), almond oil (moisturizes and soothes), avocado oil (prevents itching and soothes), jojoba oil (which protects your beard from the outside) and castor oil (nourishes and conditions your beard). This makes us rather happy.

Captain Fawcett

Captain Fawcett is the decadent brand from Norfolk, England. Known for their premium grooming products for men, especially their world-famous mustache wax. But in addition they have an exclusive premium line in beard, mustache, shaving, body & perfume products, of high quality.

When it comes to beard oil, Captain Fawcett also has a name to uphold. Therefore, they also have a very wide collection of beard oils for every type of beard.

Very popular is Captain Fawcett's Booze & Baccy beard oil. Men in England have gone to work mixing "booze" into their beard oil. The result is a warm men's fragrance full of guts. This is due to the tobacco leaf, honey, mossy oak and warm exotic vanilla beans in the finish. Of course, "The Captain" uses natural sweet almond and jojoba oil as a base. Captain Fawcett beard oil is a brand for the discerning man who knows what he deserves.


The Dutchbeards brand is, unsurprisingly, a Dutch company. Once started brewing beard oils out of hobby but that soon took on a serious character. Dutchbeards does not produce in the usual way you see everywhere. In fact, Dutchbeards assembles beard oils with the right philosophy. For example, the base oils are perfectly matched with special scents. "Pretty weird, but man, how delicious!".

Dutchbeards is continuously crafting innovations in beard oil. This breaks down barriers and involves hard work and pushing boundaries. The mission of Dutchbeards is clear: continue to innovate and amaze with the best beard oil. Dutchbeards beard oil is handmade, highly caring and with special fragrance blends. These beard professionals also assemble beard butter, beard balm and ultimate beard wax. By the way, check out their beard combs and beard brushes at our store as well.

Mr. Bear Family

Another leading producer of the best grooming products for men is Sweden's Mr. Bear Family. Founded in 2012 by Björn "Mr. Bear" Landén. His mission was to develop a natural product to optimally care for your facial hair. That was immediately the kick-off for the first beard care brand in Sweden. Over time, the company has grown tremendously to become an international, popular player in the market.

Mr. Bear Family has a wide range of premium grooming products for your daily routine within the beard, shaving, skin & hair spectrum. The company uses only pure natural ingredients. Of course, this includes their Mr. Bear beard oil. Mr Bear Family make their recipes in their own production facility where each can of beard balm or jar of beard oil is opened, filled and sealed by hand.

Percy Nobleman

The brand that exudes innovation and nostalgia is the traditionally British Percy Nobleman. Conceived by Freddy Furber who was done with the endless array of grooming products with no recognizable face. So he changed this and came up with a brand for the ultimate groomed gentleman of the 21st century. Percy Nobleman, in other words. Who in 2015 also emerged as a successful Instagram comic book hero in the series, The Adventures of Percy Nobleman.

Percy has developed an extensive line of premium grooming products for men. Of course, this includes high-end beard oils that are produced artisanally but sold in exclusive locations worldwide. With us, that is.

The Groomed Man Co.

The men behind The Groomed Man Co. were done with the bad products they ran into time and time again. Big talk, no deliver. They were done with those kinds of brands and promised themselves that if a formula doesn't work, it won't be on the market. It's as simple as that.

The Groomed Man Co stands for quality, performance, fun and support. In addition, they only work with the best natural products. They love to combine nature and science in their products, so they like to mix jojoba oil with activated charcoal. They go out of their way to deliver the perfect product.

The quality is reflected in their beard oil. The oil consists of a perfect blend of conditioning oils such as organic argan oil, jojoba and sweet almond oil, for example, that condition, cleanse and moisturize the skin. As a result, the hairs of the beard become wonderfully soft and fresh. The beard oil also prevents itching, split ends and promotes the growth process of the beard.

ZEW For Men

The brand for nature lovers, backpackers and adventurers. One day the men from ZEW For Men were hiking in the Bieszczady Mountains and they realized that the usual grooming was just not it for this lifestyle. They decided at that moment to start developing their own products suitable for the outdoor lifestyle.

The inspiration of ZEW For Men is nature. So it is no wonder that the packaging is zero waste and the ingredients are all-natural. The adventurousness is reflected in scent of the products.

Active ingredients in ZEW For Men's beard oil such as hemp, argan and blackseed oils strengthen the hair, make the beard shiny and soft. Hemp oil moisturizes and nourishes the very dry to damaged beard. The underlying skin is regenerated and signs of skin aging are reduced.