Beard shampoo

A beard is completely accepted nowadays, as long as it is clean and well-groomed. It...> read more

A beard is completely accepted nowadays, as long as it is clean and well-groomed. It does need to be washed regularly, because your beard hairs...> read more

Beard shampoo

What do you use beard shampoo for?

A beard is completely accepted nowadays, as long as it is clean and well-groomed. It does need to be washed regularly, because your beard hairs collect a lot of bacteria. To keep your beard clean, you need a beard shampoo. Anyway, we recommend you the best beard products to use so that you always go through life with a healthy, soft and shiny beard.

A beard wash contains the right ingredients to clean the beard hair properly and it also has a nurturing effect on the underlying skin. Combine a beard shampoo with a good beard oil, beard balm or beard conditioner to keep your beard and underlying skin soft and hydrated.


How do you use a beard wash?

Using a shampoo specifically for your beard is easy. It can be compared to a shampoo for your hair. You take a little shampoo from the bottle and apply it to your wet beard until it foams. Let the shampoo soak in for a while. Then rinse the beard shampoo again. After rinsing, gently pat your beard dry so that the beard hairs do not break off. For an extra soft beard, you could also use one beard conditioner can use. Wash your beard two to three times a week with beard shampoo to keep it clean and fresh.

After using a beard shampoo, we always recommend that you beard oil or beard balm in your beard, so that your beard is not only clean, but also well-groomed and hydrated.


Why can't you use normal shampoo to wash your beard?

Beard hair and your underlying skin are a lot more sensitive than scalp hair. A normal shampoo will therefore be much too aggressive and often also contains chemical ingredients. Using a normal shampoo will lead to a dry, unkempt and hard beard.

In addition, the underlying skin will also become dry, causing it to flake and cause beard itch. These flakes (aka beard rose mentioned) can get into your beard, making it look unkempt. A beard wash therefore contains more natural ingredients and nutrients than a normal shampoo. A beard wash also ensures that not only the beard hairs, but also the underlying skin is cared for.


Is a beard wash only good for your beard?

Most beard shampoos are certainly suitable for washing your scalp and hair. You therefore often see them as a combination for beard and your hair. Even if it is not indicated, a beard shampoo can be effective for cleaning your hair because a good beard shampoo is usually higher in quality than the average hair shampoo.


What should you pay attention to when purchasing a beard shampoo?

Choosing the best beard shampoo is not always easy. Pay particular attention to the ingredients in a beard wash. A good quality beard shampoo consists mainly of natural ingredients. This is especially important if you have dry, sensitive skin.

Natural ingredients also ensure that the natural oils and nutrients are not stripped from the skin and beard hairs. Chemical ingredients cause the skin to dry out even more.


Which brands sell the best beard shampoos?

At The Alpha Men we sell many different beard shampoos in various price ranges. A good beard shampoo can be found for every budget. A beard shampoo is very personal. Every man has his own preference for fragrance. In addition, you should take your skin type into account when purchasing a beard shampoo. To make the choice a bit easier, we would like to tell you what a few of our favorite beard shampoo brands are.


OAK Beard Care

When it comes to beard care, OAK Beard Care is a major player. The ingredients are often 100% natural and will ensure that your beard is incredibly cared for and pampered. The brand is traditional and the products are 100% handmade.



Another fine beard wash producer is Proraso . These beard shampoos provide a fresh and soft beard and have quite a nice scent. Here too, attention is paid to healthy ingredients. For example, Proraso has an average of 95% natural ingredients and is free of silicones, parabens, SLS and artificial dyes. Makes us (and our beard) happy.



Azbane has started to look beyond a beard wash and has started to focus mainly on 3-in-1 solutions. The beard shampoo works well for your beard, but also for your face and hair. Furthermore, there are many organic ingredients that will provide top care.



In addition to good beard shampoos in itself, also has bullfrog has focused on 'multipurpose' cleaning. Full of botanical ingredients with moisturizing and soothing properties. Will make your (beard) hair look healthy.



The beard shampoo from Beviro consists of 99% natural ingredients and has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Your hair? Become healthier and more elastic. Your underlying skin? Is well hydrated and cared for. Skin happy, beard happy, you happy!


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