Shaving foam

We assume that you have shaved before. And if that's the case, then you also...> read more

We assume that you have shaved before. And if that's the case, then you also know that you don't just need a good razor. A...> read more

Shaving foam

We assume that you have shaved before. And if that's the case, then you also know that you don't just need a good razor. A good 'shaving cream' such as a shaving foam is at least as important! Your skin must be well cared for and hydrated to experience a comfortable shave.

Shaving cream or shaving gel are the ideal products to do your (beard) hair, underlying skin and yourself a great favor. With, for example, an effective shaving foam without perfume. Fast, easy and comfortable!


What is the use of shaving cream?

A good quality shaving cream will ensure that you moisturize your (beard) hair. That way they become soft, making them a lot easier to shave. Let the shaving foam absorb for a while on a warm and wet face and you can go right away razor grab it. The advantage of a good shaving cream is that you can apply it very easily and therefore you can immediately let the knife do its job.

Shaving cream also provides a kind of layer between your skin and your razor. As a result, there is less friction and shaving wounds, small cuts and irritations are limited. In addition, there is a different type of shaving foam for every skin type, so also for sensitive skin!

Most people are fans of shaving cream, among other things, because it is so easy and time-saving. Applying shaving cream takes no effort or much time, so you'll be done in no time.

Tip: if you have a little more time, bring a good one first pre-shave On. Then you prepare your skin perfectly for an even more comfortable shaving session.


Is shaving gel better than shaving cream?

Shaving gel and shaving foam without perfume were once developed purely for convenience. Apply and shave as soon as possible. When choosing between a shaving gel or foam, the choice is rather personal. While alcohol-based foams wick away moisture, gels tend to hydrate your skin a bit too much, making them better for sensitive skin.

Unlike shaving cream, a clear shaving gel is easier to navigate with your blade. By the way, these gels are perfect for those with problem skin, as they can track exactly where the razor goes. Unscented gels often have a low alcohol content, making them best suited for people with sensitive skin.

If you have very sensitive skin, we recommend that you use a good one shaving cream to use. These products contain (even) more nourishing oils and other moisturizing ingredients than a shaving gel or shaving foam. By the way, you bring shaving cream with a good one shaving brush On.


How should you use shaving cream?

That's the beauty of shaving cream: you spray the foam from the can onto your palm with the click of a button and apply it directly to your wet, pre-heated face with your fingertips. Massage in with circular movements and let it soak in for a while. After that you can easily and safely get started with your razor.


How long should shaving cream take effect?

A good shaving cream without perfume is best left to soak in for a minute or 2. Then it gets the chance to sufficiently moisturize your beard hairs and the underlying skin and prepare it well for the shave.


What are the properties of shaving cream?

  • Creates a protective layer between the blade and your skin
  • Limits the chance shaving wounds and irritation
  • There is a shaving foam for all skin types
  • Nourishes and hydrates your skin


What types of shaving cream are there?

There are different types of shaving cream for men. Including the shaving soap, foam variant and the shaving gel. Shaving soap is actually the best to use for your skin, but also takes the most time to apply. The higher concentration of oils & fats in shaving soap ensures an even more comfortable shaving sensation, which simply prevents skin irritation.


What happens if you shave without shaving cream?

Preferably always buy one shaving cream for sensitive skin . With a rich and thick foam that smoothes your skin without any problems.

Shaving without shaving cream, shaving gel or shaving soap is doomed to fail. If you start doing that you are deliberately irritating your skin. Without shaving foam, shaving gel or shaving soap you can easily cause razor burn and razor burn. Why would you even want that?

Are you convinced in the meantime and do you want to buy a good shaving cream? Of course we have an extensive range for you with the best brands.



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