Body fog

Body fog

The trend of the body fog has spread to the Netherlands and it is easy to understand why. Refresh your body with a wonderful scent by putting on a few sprays during the day. Body fog can be taken anywhere and is a lot less intense than an eau de parfum.

What is body fog?

Body fog is also known as a perfumed spray and it is a wonderful way to refresh yourself during the day with a few small sprays. A body fog is also used to moisturize your skin because it contains many fine ingredients. You can easily take any fragrance of your choice with you and use it at any time of the day. This product immediately offers you a subtle scent, hydration and energy boost.

In addition to using a body fog on your body, it is certainly possible to use a body fog to freshen up your wardrobe, for example. Ideal after an evening of wok cooking or gourmet, for example! A body fog can also be used as a room spray .

The benefits of body fog

  • Lovely subtle scent
  • Refreshes your skin
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Easy to take with you
  • Builds up an odor layer
  • Can refresh your wardrobe

What is the difference between body fog and perfume?

When you compare a body fog with an eau de parfum or eau de cologne , you will notice that a body fog is a lot more subtle and softer. This is because the perfume in a body fog is less concentrated and therefore less overpowering. A body fog will also linger for less time, namely around 4 hours. You will have to apply a body fog more often in a day and it is therefore extra refreshing to use.

How do you use a body fog?

A body fog is easy to use. Spritz on a little when you've just finished showering. Because the body fog evaporates quickly, it is an ideal refresher to use again during your lunch break, for example.

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