Beard dye

If you belong to the men who can grow a good beard, we would like...> read more

If you belong to the men who can grow a good beard, we would like to congratulate you. Not all men are blessed with a...> read more

Beard dye

If you belong to the men who can grow a good beard, we would like to congratulate you. Not all men are blessed with a good beard. But it also sometimes happens that that beautiful full beard turns gray earlier or turns red. Looks a bit unusual if your eyebrows and hairstyle are a completely different color. That is why beard dye was created.

Beard dye ensures that your facial hair can have the same color and often gives you back years of your life in terms of looks. And the beautiful? It doesn't stand out, seems healthy, looks natural and doesn't cost much. Do we need to say more?


What is beard dye?

It is simply paint for your beard, but you probably already knew that. Just like the woman who goes to the hairdresser as a blonde and comes back as a brunette, you can do this for your beard. Beard dye is packed with dyes that bind to your beard hairs. Those dyes will therefore mask gray hair, tackle reddish colors and make your beard look fuller and more even.

You can choose between permanent beard dye (stays in your beard for a very long time, so prepare for regrowth) and semi-permanent beard dye. This fades slowly and therefore your beard will have to be repainted every +- 8 weeks.


Can anyone use beard dye?

Anyone with a beard can use beard dye. Please note that your beard is longer than 2.5 cm. Long bristles provide more grip and binding and therefore the paint will stick better. If your beard hairs are too short, the result will be a lot less because the paint will have trouble binding to the short hairs. So let it grow further than 2.5 cm if you really want to see results!


Why dye your beard?

Of course, everyone has their own reasons for this. However, it is most popular among men with a gray beard, a reddish beard or a less even beard. Masking your gray beard naturally makes you look a lot younger. Men with a ginger beard often don't have ginger hair and therefore sometimes it doesn't look quite as a whole when you look at their hairstyle and eyebrows. And what if you have a good beard with thinner spots here and there? Even then beard dye is ideal. Your beard (often) becomes a bit darker, so that those thin spots are hardly noticeable anymore. We will briefly list the advantages for you.

  • Gray hairs are masked, which often makes you look years younger
  • Your face becomes one whole again because your beard has the same color as your haircut and eyebrows
  • Unwanted colors are removed from your beard
  • Thin spots / open spots in your beard are filled by the color
  • Beard dye looks natural, so your environment often does not notice it
  • Beard dye is not expensive and dyeing takes little time


How should I dye my beard?

We have made a step-by-step plan so that you can dye your beard in the best way. It seems like a lot of steps, but trust us, after painting once you've mastered it. Fortunately, it's not quantum physics, but it requires a bit of experience.


Choosing the right color beard dye

We're really going to hammer on this one. Do you want all the benefits of dyeing your beard? Then this is the most important step. Listen carefully: black is not always your color! There are so many men who think 'I'll do the darkest', but you're going very wrong with this. That artificial black 'Blackbeard beard' will often remind you of a Pirates of the Caribbean theme party. If you have dark hair, choose dark brown. And only if you have really black hair, do you choose black.

Always choose a color that is close to your natural color and do max. 1 to 2 shades darker.


Patch test

If you have your beard dye in, do a patch test first. This tests for a possible allergy or reaction. Apply a drop of beard dye in the back of your knees, elbows or behind your ear and let it sit for 48 hours.

This is quite an important step because an allergy can be so severe that you should even go to the doctor's office. If you get itching or red bumps within those 48 hours, you will survive. But that does mean you shouldn't smear it on your beard. Don't get a response? Congrats, then it's time to dye your beard!


Prepare well

Don't clean your beard! Sounds crazy, but the natural oils in your beard help the paint adhere better. Then comb your beard through so that the paint can catch every hair. What is also smart is to put a little Vaseline on your skin around your beard. If you slip out with the paint, that's no problem. Wipe that Vaseline off your skin in no time.

Most packages provide a whole kit so you don't have to buy everything separately. Therefore, always read what comes with it. You will need the following items:

  • Rubber gloves (otherwise your hands will also be painted)
  • Mixing tray (to mix the beard dye tubes)
  • Coloring brush (to apply the beard dye)
  • Paper towels, kitchen roll and tissues (to remove mistakes right away)
  • An old towel around you (to avoid staining your clothes)


Follow the instructions on the package

Before we get into everything here, it's important to know that every beard dye can have different instructions. Therefore always read the packaging and the supplied instructions. It also states how long you should leave the beard dye in your beard, for example.

Mixing the tubes

You will (almost always) find 2 tubes in a package. One is a base color and the other is a color developer. You have to mix these 2 together in the mixing bowl. You do this with your coloring brush. Does the paint still look very light? No problem, it gets darker after a minute. Don't be fooled by the color.


Paint and apply

Well mixed? Then it's time for the real thing: you beard dye . Grab some paint from the container and get going with the brush. Move the brush back and forth over your beard. Think of it like painting a wall, but then it's your beard. Try to avoid your facial skin as much as possible, otherwise you will get spots and it will not look even. Is your beard completely covered in the end? Then let the paint set (as long as the instructions say) and set your timer.


Color check

Timer has gone, time for the color check. Dab some paint from a few beard hairs with your cloth, paper towel or tissue. Is the color still too light? Then apply a little more paint to the spot where you just wiped it off and wait a little longer. Make sure you keep a close eye on it, otherwise it will soon become too dark.

Is your beard the color you had in mind? Great, then it's time to rinse out the beard dye.


Run your beard under lukewarm water and rinse until the water is clear again. Is everything out? Dry your beard with a towel. Et voila, you have a full, natural, smooth beard again. Get a good one beard care when you're done.


Beard dye brands

There are several brands of beard dye in our range. So you have Just For Men , Beardbury's , American crew and Bigen . Check them all out to find the best match for your beard!


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