Volume powder

Styling powder is a relatively new product that appeared on the market a few...> read more

Styling powder is a relatively new product that appeared on the market a few years ago. Styling powder is intended to give the hair...> read more

Volume powder

What is styling powder?

Styling powder is a relatively new product that appeared on the market a few years ago. Styling powder is intended to give the hair more volume and make it look thicker, the product is not called “volume powder” or “hair powder” for nothing. Sometimes styling powder is combined with another hair product. Styling powders are small jars with pure texture and volume! When applied directly to the roots, the product adds texture and grain that gives fine, thin hair lift and height. Some styling powder formulas are also designed to cover bald spots.

Styling powders work by increasing the amount of friction between each strand of hair, creating a fuller look. Volume powder helps to maintain the applied volume in your hair throughout the day.

It goes without saying that hair type and texture play a key role when styling with styling powder. The hair powder also works to mattify the hair by absorbing excess oil. This makes the volumizing and texturing effect even more effective!

How do you use styling powder?

Using a volume of powder is very easy. The most important thing to remember is the saying “less is more”. It is best to start with less and work up to the desired volume, as applying too much can look messy and once applied can be difficult to remove. Follow these simple steps for a hassle-free application of styling powder:

  1. Apply a small amount to the roots of dry hair, concentrating on areas where you want extra height
  2. If you want to hide thin spots in your hair, add a little styling powder to these areas. For example, this can be along the parting, at the crown or even around the hairline
  3. Gently mix the powder with your fingers and work it in until it softens and you no longer feel any grains
  4. Add more styling powder if needed, but remember; "less is more"
  5. Style your hair as desired and you are ready to start your day!

The benefits of styling powder

  • Hair powder provides amazing volume and thickness, even for thinning and fine hair
  • The volume in your hair remains present all day long without having to update it
  • Styling powder does not contain aerosols that can be harmful to your lungs and the environment
  • Most volume powders are available in convenient on-the-go formats
  • Unlike some other hair styling products, styling powder does not weigh down the hair

Our choice

Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder

Styling powder from Uppercut Deluxe gives a lot of volume and texture to the hair with a natural finish. This volume powder is very versatile and can be remodeled all day long. Increasing volume of thin hair, creating beautiful textures or a nice relaxed out-of-bed look. It's all made easy for you with this styling powder.

Lard Matte Texture Powder

Reuzel Matte Texture Powder is a weightless styling powder that gives a lot of volume and thickness to your hair. This powder can be used for any hair type, does not make your hair heavier and does not stick. You can build up the volume in your hair during the day by adding some extra Reuzel Matte Texture hair powder every now and then.

Shear Revival Gleodream Texture Powder

Gleodream Texture Powder from Shear Revival is a miracle powder that can be used for multiple purposes. Gleodream can be used as a styling powder to create extra texture in your hair, as a dry shampoo, as a body powder and once you mix it with a little water as a clay mask for your face. Active ingredients such as bentonite remove impurities and excess oil from the hair, while softening the skin.


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