Proraso is an Italian brand specialized in grooming products for men. Founded by the Martelli...> read more

Proraso is an Italian brand specialized in grooming products for men. Founded by the Martelli family. They are best known for their iconic shaving products....> read more


Proraso is an Italian brand specialized in grooming products for men. Founded by the Martelli family. They are best known for their iconic shaving products. The brand first came on the market with a pre shave in 1948. Since then, the company has grown into an empire and Proraso is one of the most popular brands among barbers worldwide.


How did Proraso come about?

It is 1948 and a laboratory in the Italian city of Florence is working on new formulas and experimenting with new ingredients. It is a time of progress and being innovative towards the future. At that time, Proraso developed a pre-shave and an after-shave cream that are unique in their freshness and effectiveness. Those products lay the foundation for the Proraso Imperium and become the classics of their time. Piero Martelli and later his son Ludovico have since then stuck to their vision and principles to make shaving products that provide a fine and impeccable shaving experience both at the barber and at home.


Which products does Proraso have?

Proraso shaving soap is a very well-known product of the brand, but they have a lot more than just shaving soap . Proraso has further developed and expanded its range over the past 70 years. The result is a complete product line that we can divide into skin types and multiple product types. Proraso has a number of care lines, each of which has its own specific effect and application. For example, there is a suitable product for every man at Proraso.


Proraso Green - Eucalyptus & Menthol

Proraso its first line and still from the same ingredients. Now a renewed and improved formula where Eucalyptus and Menthol are still the characteristic main ingredients. Suitable for all skin types and with a refreshing scent.


Proraso White - Green Tea & Oatmeal

Proraso has developed the White series for sensitive skin, with extracts of green tea and oatmeal. These products reduce redness and shaving irritations, leaving a smooth and soft skin. With the fruity scent of lime and apple.


Proraso Red - Sandalwood & Karite Butter

The red line from Proraso is for the thicker and fuller beard. These products are better able to soften the thicker and fuller beard and prepare it for shaving. These products contain Karite Butter or Sheabutter and have a masculine scent of Sandalwood.


Proraso Blue - Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

A nice addition to this complete range is the Blue line from Proraso, these products have a moisturizing and a protective function. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E provide moisturizing properties and protection during the day. A modern, spicy scent with notes of Amber and Musk completes the whole.


Proraso Single Blades

The Single Blades line from Proraso pays tribute to the barber. Specially developed for use in the barbershop, it meets the high expectations of a professional without losing sight of the expectations of the customer. The Single Blades line comes in three powerful scents; Cypress & Vetiver, Azur Lime, Refreshing and Wood & Spice.

The Single Blades line contains a wide variety of products for men's care and is not specifically aimed at shaving. Old fashioned cologne, mustache wax and a beard oil are also available in this line. Bestsellers from the Single Blades line are:


Are Proraso products natural?

Proraso products consist of approximately 95% natural ingredients. Proraso products do not contain parabens, silicones, SLS, mineral oils or artificial colors. No animal products are used either, so as a vegan you can safely buy a product from Proraso.


What is Proraso's best product?

Although all Proraso products do their job well, Proraso shaving soap in all variants is very popular. If you really take a critical look, there are two products that are most loved by men. The best-selling Proraso shaving soap is the Green Eucalyptus & Menthol. It is the original scent of Proraso shaving soap. The wonderfully fresh soap is incredibly easy to foam. The fresh scent is loved by almost every barber. Furthermore, the Wood & Spice beard oil is by far Proraso's best-selling product. This is mainly due to the good price/quality ratio. Almost every man is also enthusiastic about the Wood & Spice fragrance. A true everyone's friend.