Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist

Are you looking for a high-quality brand with 100% natural products? Then you don't have...> read more

Are you looking for a high-quality brand with 100% natural products? Then you don't have to look any further. Grown Alchemist formulates products that provide...> read more

Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist

Are you looking for a high-quality brand with 100% natural products? Then you don't have to look any further. Grown Alchemist formulates products that provide a new evolution in the world of skin care. They understand the concept of cell renewal and metabolism of nutrients and incorporate this into every product.

Grown Alchemist works according to innovative scientific formulas that restore and regenerate the skin of the body. The brand known for its natural skincare is a real frontrunner when it comes to medicine, nutrition, pharmacology and dermalogica and knows how to combine this in their natural skincare products like no other.

As a cosmetics company of the future, they make use of the body's natural ability to slow down and reverse skin aging.


Natural ingredients

Grown Alchemist's formulas are based on real cosmetic science. You can therefore expect real results without chemical and harmful substances. Grown Alchemist products are known for their natural, pure and powerful ingredients. Some examples of this are hyaluronic acid, collagen, advanced peptides and antioxidants.

Cosmetic connoisseurs and celebrities are fans of Grown Alchemist. The brand only works with the best of the best cosmetic specialists. The natural formulas do what they promise and are therefore trusted by professionals and home doers around the world.


The origin of Grown Alchemist

Two recently graduated brothers Keston and Jeremy got together to collaborate on a project that combined their passion for design and product development. This combination proved so successful that they started an international consultancy developing products for the biggest global brands.

While testing a product for one of their customers, they found through research that the continuous use of natural active ingredients immediately improved skin health and reduced signs of aging. Because of this, they decided to create their own brand, Grown Alchemist.

They developed formulas with a unique combination between biology and cosmetic chemistry. Today, Grown Alchemist has grown into a major brand that is sold and loved all over the world.


What products does Grown Alchemist have?

Whether you are looking for a shampoo , night cream , hand cream , cleanser , facial exfoliant or natural deodorant ; at Grown Alchemist you will surely find it! With an assortment in which you will find hair care products, skin care products and body care products, Grown Alchemist is a very versatile brand.


Natural hair care from Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist has a matching shampoo for every hair type. Could your hair use a little more volume? Then you will soon end up with the Grown Alchemist - Volumising Shampoo . This shampoo is enriched with many bioactive ingredients, such as biotin vitamin B7. These ingredients promote the health and growth of your hair, increasing the diameter of the hair shaft and giving your hair noticeably more volume.

Do you want to give your hair a good detox? Then the Grown Alchemist - Detox Shampoo is suitable for you. This daily shampoo is aimed at natural hair and has a targeted formulation that frees the hair and scalp from radicals that are administered by the body.


Grown Alchemist Cleanser

Grown Alchemist is also the right place for a good facial cleanser! With, among other things, the oil cleanser, the olive leaf cleanser and a bestseller such as the Grown Alchemist - Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser , you can be sure that your skin is purified, soothed and softened and that your skin can breathe freely. This cleanser is enriched with, among other things, aloe vera, which makes the skin nice and smooth and soothed. In addition, the cleanser is enriched with cold-pressed rose petals, which ensure a beautiful smooth skin.

Prefer a mask? Then you can, for example, choose the Grown Alchemist - Deep Cleansing Masque from Grown Alchemist. A fine face mask that provides a revitalized and beautiful smooth skin.


Natural facial care from Grown Alchemist

At night, your facial skin is recovering. Grown Alchemist's night care products can help you with that. For example, the brand has various moisturizers that promote nightly repairs and provide age repair. Grown Alchemist also has several night creams, including the Grown Alchemist - Detox Facial Night Cream . This cream contains the perfect mix of peptides, echinacea, essential omega fatty acids, hyaluronic acid and vitamins in this facial night cream from Grown Alchemist that detoxifies and regenerates your skin.