Perfume oil

Perfume oil

Discover and get to know The Alpha Men's concentrated perfume oils. Perfume oil is gaining more and more popularity in the world of fragrances. Whether you opt for a subtle musk scent or are looking for a skin-friendly option, perfume oil offers a variety of options.

What is a perfume oil?

Perfume oil, also known as fragrance oil, is a highly concentrated oil that contains fragrances. It is an alternative to traditional perfume and often offers a longer fragrance duration due to the high concentration of fragrances. Perfume oil is very concentrated and contains about 60% of fragrances. This makes perfume oil much stronger than any perfume spray.

Because perfume oil contains less alcohol than traditional perfumes, it is milder and less irritating to the skin, making it an excellent choice for men with sensitive skin.

How do you use perfume oil?

Using perfume oil is easy. Perfume oil is usually in a roller, like a deodorant, to make applying the perfume as easy as possible without losing precious perfume. By rolling the perfume oil on the skin, the perfume is quickly absorbed into the skin and no stains are made on your clothes. 

It is best to apply perfume oil on your wrists, in your neck, behind your ears or on other pulsation points of your body. The warmth of your skin will help spread the fragrance throughout the day.

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