Grooming spray

Grooming spray

A fancy word for the old-fashioned hairspray? Yes, you can compare it, but not...> read more

A fancy word for the old-fashioned hairspray? Yes, you can compare it, but not every grooming spray does the same thing and grooming spray...> read more

Grooming Spray
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Grooming spray

What is grooming spray?

A fancy word for the old-fashioned hairspray? Yes, you can compare it, but not every grooming spray does the same thing and grooming spray is often made of better (natural) ingredients than a regular hair spray. A grooming spray can be a solution if, for example, you want to keep a pompadour in shape when you use a product with a light hold. You can then give it a good hold with some grooming spray.


Can you use a grooming spray as a pre-styler?

There are also grooming sprays that can be used as a pre-styler. These are often already applied in damp hair and then the hair is dried with a hair dryer. The hair often gets more structure and volume. The purpose of grooming spray is to keep a hairstyle in shape for as long as possible. The grooming sprays that The Alpha Men sells give a strong hold, without making the hair really hard. And you notice that in practice! To help you on your way, we have even put together a top 10 with the best grooming spray for you.


More volume in your hair with grooming spray

If you lack volume in your hair, you can use a grooming spray. You use a grooming spray in the following way:

  1. Make sure your hair towel is dry (slightly damp).
  2. Spray the grooming spray evenly over your hair at a distance of about 20 centimeters.
  3. Use your hands or a comb to distribute the grooming spray through your hair.
  4. Blow-dry your hair and model the hair while blow-drying.
  5. If desired, choose another styling product such as a pomade.


How do you use your grooming spray as a pre-styler?

To start, spray a generous amount of grooming spray into towel-dried hair. Blow-dry the hair in the desired style until the hair is completely dry. Barbers often use grooming spray as a kind of primer for the hair. Grooming spray protects the hair against heat during blow-drying. Grooming spray also strengthens the hold of your styling product. You can use it before styling and after styling. It can therefore be used for even more hold, but can also add extra volume to the hair. This depends very much on what the product is combined and used with.


Our choice

1. Suavecito Grooming Spray

Using the Suavecito Grooming Spray is a quick and easy way to style and model your hair. Ideal for the more difficult models and hairstyles. This grooming spray gives your hair a good hold, without making your hair really hard. You can best compare the product with a hair spray or a liquid gel. Use the grooming spray on dry hair and blow-dry your hair for more volume.


2. Reuzel  Grooming Spray

Reuzel Grooming Spray is an old-fashioned spray for creating a long-lasting and natural-feeling hold. Ideal to use when you blow-dry your hair and are looking for a good hold with a lot of volume. Now even easier to apply with a spray bottle. Reuzel produces different types of grooming sprays, such as the Grooming Tonic Spray.


3. Layrite Grooming Spray

Men with longer hair are increasingly using products such as a cream. This is a product that does not make the hair heavy and makes the hair look natural. Yet many men lack that little extra control. A grooming spray, for example from the Layrite brand, can be applied after styling the hair to add that little bit of extra hold, without making the hair hard.


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