Comb pouch

Comb pouch

When you have bought a high-quality comb , you naturally want it to last as long as possible and to stay beautiful. Fortunately, it is possible to always store your comb neatly (and take it with you) in a comb pouch.

What is a comb pouch?

A comb pouch is a protective cover for your comb. Your comb is easy to store in a comb pouch, so it is no longer a problem to store it neatly. Your comb is now also easy to take with you without having to worry about it being damaged. Comb cases are usually made of genuine leather.

The benefits of a comb pouch

  • Easy storage of your comb
  • Your comb will last longer
  • Easy to take your comb with you
  • Damage is prevented

Types of combs

There are combs in many different shapes and sizes. That's a good thing, because a different comb fits every hair type. If you have frizzy hair, the afro comb is best for your hair type. Do you want to style your hair well? Then the fine comb will be suitable. For medium to long hair that sometimes suffers from tangles, the wide comb is recommended. A wooden comb massages your scalp and a pocket comb is easy to carry.

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