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Talcum powder

Talcum powder is best known as a panacea for baby buttocks, but nothing could be further from the truth. Talcum powder was used centuries ago to make your shave more comfortable, which is why it is still used by professional barbers.


What is talcum powder?

Talcum powder is a powder of talc, derived from the clay mineral magnesium silicate. This natural mineral has a very calming, refreshing and, above all, absorbent effect. Talcum powder will absorb excess oil, sweat and grease from your skin without any problem.

Shaving with talcum powder is highly recommended as it will reduce friction from your razor. The razor will glide more smoothly over your skin due to the use of talcum powder, which will prevent shaving irritations and shaving wounds.


What are the benefits of talcum powder?

Talcum powder is used by professionals and for good reason. The use of talcum powders brings many benefits.

  • Sweat, moisture and excess oil is safely absorbed
  • Talcum powder soothes and refreshes your skin
  • Friction from your razor is reduced
  • Your skin will feel soft and (in a good way) dry
  • Reduces the risk of razor burns and razor burn
  • Prevents a chapped or burning sensation
  • A talcum powder is cheap to purchase
  • Your skin will have a healthy but matte complexion


Talcum powder after shaving

Using talcum powder after shaving is highly recommended. It will make your shave smoother, easier and more comfortable. You can use talcum powder in three ways after shaving.


Option 1: Apply talcum powder with your hands

This is how many authentic barbers also apply talcum powder. Apply some talcum powder to your hands and then apply it to your neck and face. By using your hands you have a lot of control over the talcum powder.


Option 2: Apply talcum powder through a towel

It is also an option to apply talcum powder to a towel. After applying you will have to 'pat' your face and/or neck with the towel. Make sure that the talcum powder is well distributed.


Option 3: Apply talcum powder to a shaving brush

Talcum powder can also be applied to your shaving brush. When you do this you have a lot of control over the talcum powder and exactly how (and where) it is applied. In principle, you 'powder' your skin well so that you can see exactly which parts are already provided with talcum powder.


What else can talcum powder be used for?

  • Talcum powder is ideal against sweat. Talcum powder is absorbent and will therefore keep your armpits dry longer than you are used to.
  • Suffering from greasy hair? Even then, talcum powder is an ideal solution. Your hair will get stiffer and more volume because talcum powder absorbs excess oil from your hair.
  • Talcum powder will counteract sweaty feet by keeping your feet dry and cool. Because there will be less friction, blisters are also prevented!
  • Of course it can also be used for the most well-known reason: to make your baby's skin clean, soft and dry.


Is talcum powder good for your skin?

Talcum powder is made from the softest mineral on earth. It is of course also used for baby buttocks, and we wouldn't do that with chemicals. For more than 40 years, scientific research has confirmed that talcum powder is not harmful.



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