Lumin Skin


Lumin Skin is a premium skincare brand for men. Their goal is clear: to create... read more

Lumin Skin is a premium skincare brand for men. Their goal is clear: to create skincare products that solve skin problems for men, including dry... read more


Lumin Skin is a premium skincare brand for men. Their goal is clear: to create skincare products that solve skin problems for men, including dry skin, wrinkles, and fatigue issues. Therefore, Lumin Skin's care products are full of healthy and natural ingredients that nourish and hydrate men's skin. The brand, based in California, has an extensive range of skincare products. Therefore, we dare to say out loud that the brand always has a suitable product for your skin. 


History of Lumin Skin

Lumin Skin is an American brand, founded in 2018 in Los Angeles. The founders, Richard Hong and Darwish Gani, started the brand because they could find few good products against acne in the world of men's skincare. And if you can't find something, you make it yourself. 


Is Lumin a Korean brand?

Hong started questioning his sister, as there was more on the market in female skincare at that time. She mainly used many products from their home country, South Korea. Therefore, Lumin is based on the skincare products from South Korea. 

After some testing and experimenting, Hong and Gani created their own formula. They did this with the most effective ingredients, which the brand is still known for today. From this formula, the brand Lumin Skin was born. Because of this formula, the brand is very popular among men with oily skin. The popularity of Lumin Skin skyrocketed, and therefore it did not go unnoticed by the big players in the American industry. They have been praised in well-known magazines like Vanity Fair, Rolling Stones, GQ, Forces, and Vogue. 


Products of Lumin Skin

The products of Lumin are made to make men's skin look better, cleaner, and more hydrated. Lumin Skin has a large line with many products to tackle acne and impurities. The formulas therefore mostly contain natural ingredients. Also, there are no parabens or sulfates in the entire line. In addition, Lumin Skincare has various anti-aging products. So young or old, there is always a product that matches your skin. 

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Facial Care

Lumin became known for its skincare line. The skincare line is so extensive that you can find a matching product for all skin types. The skincare is especially known for working well for men's skin with acne and impurities, but Lumin Skin also has excellent products for men with sensitive skin


Body Care

In addition to your face, Lumin also does not forget your body. The brand gives you a choice of scrubs, deodorants, hand care, and body washes. In addition, Lumin Skin also has a body scrubber to cleanse your skin and remove excess dirt. 


Hair Care

The Keratin Recovery Shampoo from Lumin Skincare is now one of our bestsellers. In the same line is the Advanced Scalp Treatment and Keratin Strengthening Conditioner. Use these three products together to get the best result. 



For shaving, Lumin Skin has developed the Cooling After Shave. A lovely soothing after-shave cream that is suitable for all skin types, as we have come to expect from Lumin. 


How long does it take before you see results with Lumin skincare?

The effectiveness of Lumin skincare products can vary depending on the skin type and specific skin condition. Generally, users can see improvement within a few weeks, although some products may offer immediate results, such as hydration and refreshment. Consistent use is essential for the best results.


Is Lumin just for men?

Although Lumin Skin is primarily focused on skincare for men, the products can also be effective for women. The formulas are designed with attention to common skin problems in men, but the natural ingredients and benefits can be universally appealing.


Does Lumin help against acne?

Lumin skincare products are specially developed to tackle skin problems such as acne. With a range of products focused on deep cleansing, hydration, and reducing inflammation, Lumin can be effective in reducing acne and improving overall skin health.


Are Lumin's products natural?

Lumin Skin strives to use natural ingredients in their products. They avoid the use of parabens, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals, resulting in a product line that is both safe and effective for various skin types.


How often can you use Lumin?

The frequency of using Lumin products depends on the specific product and individual skin need. Some products are intended for daily use, while others might work better if applied a few times a week. It's important to follow the directions on the product label and ask for tailored advice if needed.