Deodorant stick

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Deodorant stick

You now have deodorant for men in different variants. You have the well-known spray deodorant and the roll-on version: the stick deodorant. The deodorant stick for men brings quite a few benefits and nowadays beats the spray deodorants. The deo sticks not only remove your unpleasant odors, but are often also nourishing for your skin and a lot more sustainable in use. We are fans!


Differences from spray deodorant

The spay deodorant sometimes tends to leave stains or circles in your clothing. In addition, the spray variant is often used as a scent for your armpits, but also for your chest. The deo stick is really used to roll over your armpits and refresh them. The best deo sticks also have a moisturizing and nourishing effect. Deo sticks also last much longer than the spray deodorant . So if you think sustainability is an important point, always go for the deodorant stick for men.


The benefits of a deo stick for men

A deodorant is naturally used to neutralize your body odor so that you do not get unwanted odors. But there are even more advantages to using a deo stick for men. We'll list them for you.

  • A deo stick keeps your armpits cool and refreshed
  • A deo stick will prevent unwanted bacteria in your armpits
  • It will make you smell better
  • A deo stick is more economical to use and therefore more sustainable
  • A good deo stick will nourish your armpits and provide good nutrients
  • A deo stick is more suitable for men with sensitive skin


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