Hand balm

Hand balm

If you occasionally suffer from dry, rough hands, it is extra nice to take good care of them. With a high-quality hand balm you ensure that dry, rough hands belong to the past in no time.

What is hand balm?

Hand balm is a balm that has been specially developed to care for, soften and hydrate your hands. If you massage your hands daily with a good hand balm, you will not suffer from irritated, chapped hands (even in the colder months). Hand balm is a big part of good hand care .

The benefits of hand balm

  • Prevents dry, rough hands
  • Cares for, softens and moisturizes your hands
  • Relieves a chapped feeling
  • Often contains a wonderful subtle scent

How do you use hand balm?

Grab some hand balm and put it on your palm. Rub the hand balm warm between your palms and start subtly massaging your hands with the hand balm. Massage until the product is absorbed by your skin. Do you notice that there are still dry, chapped spots on your hands? Then grab another bit of hand balm and start again.


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