Shaving case

Shaving case

A shaving pouch is an ideal accessory for traveling, but also very handy at home. Your razor is one of the most valuable shaving products you can own, and a shaving pouch will ensure that your razor is safely stored.


Why buy a shaving case?

A shaving pouch ensures that your most valuable shaving items can be stored in a stylish, but above all safe way. Of course, it also provides a lot of safety, since the cutting edges of your razor are safely stored. Most shaving pouches are made of leather. This protects your razor blades without affecting them. A shaving pouch is also ideal to take with you on a trip, as it is a lot safer and more practical than taking along loose items.


What can go in a shaving case?

This will differ per shaving case. One is only suitable for the safe storage of, for example, a safety razor , while the other offers more space. There are also special variants of a shaving case for a shaver. Therefore, take a good look at the dimensions of the shaving case and the description of the item



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