The shavette, also called 'barber knife', can give every man the perfect shave,... read more

The shavette, also called 'barber knife', can give every man the perfect shave, provided you want to learn the technique. A shavette is... read more

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The shavette, also called 'barber knife', can give every man the perfect shave, provided you want to learn the technique. A shavette is not a disposable razor or a razor that you can buy at the local drugstore. What the shavette is, is a classic, luxurious real razor . It is also no wonder that the shavette is the favorite of the public among connoisseurs and barbers.


What is a shavette?

The shavette has been marketed by the Dovo brand. Back then the knife was still called a “replaceable straight razor”. This means that the shavette belongs to the open razor blades with interchangeable razor blades. Do you notice that your knife is getting blunt? No problem, then the blade is easy to replace.

Shavettes are also called barber knives, because most barbers use this open razor going to work. With this they cut the contours of your beard, but also of the sideburns and hairs in the neck. In addition, the blades can be replaced after each customer. Top for hygiene.

You can also use a shavette razor at home to shave yourself in an extremely tight and smooth way. Unlike the authentic straight razor, you don't have to sharpen a shavette barber knife. A shavette has a holder where you single-edge blades load blades. You can also use double-edge blades by simply breaking them through and using half. Then you also have much more choice from a large collection of razor blades.

Thanks to the interchangeable razor blades, you are always provided with optimal sharpness. If you learn the right technique, it won't be a problem to shave yourself as close as at the barber. With the least chance of irritation.


How do you use a shavette?

Unfold the barber blade and you're ready to shave. Do you notice that your barber blade becomes blunt after a few shaves? Then you can change the blade without any problem. Useful! Because with some knives you have to sharpen your blade again, so you have to get certain sharpening products at home. This will not be the case with a Shavette.

A shavette is a serious razor and razor sharp in use. It is therefore advisable to keep the barber knife closed when you are not using it. This is to prevent accidents. You should also not drop a Shavette barber knife, because then a piece can easily break out of the blade. Then you have to replace the blade immediately.

To make it completely easy for yourself, you can also get one from us shavette kit to buy. It contains everything you need to shave yourself as neatly as at the barber.


Shavette shaving routine:

Before you shave, wash your face with some warm water so that the pores open and the beard hairs stand on end. A hot shower is perfect. After that you prefer to use authentic shaving soap. For example, choose from the top 10 compiled by us best shaving soaps .

After soaping, grab the unfolded shavette between three fingers and hold it at a position of 30 degrees on the skin. You hold the shaving foil horizontally with the edge pointing downwards. You have to keep the skin a bit taut by hand to achieve the optimal result.

Then you go with the shaving foil from top to bottom and cut in the direction of the hair. You can rinse the razor in between to rinse away soap residue. This is how you proceed until the desired result is achieved.

After you're done, rinse your face clean and you can possibly do another after shave balm use to soothe the skin.


What types of shavettes are there?

There is a wide variety of shavettes on the market. In our webshop you will find various types of razors to purchase. Of course you have shavette sets to use as a beginner, such as the shavette set from The Bluebeards Revenge.

Loafers are of course passé for hardcore shavette lovers. Enthusiasts often opt for the more expensive shavettes. Prices vary from just under 20 euros to well over €300. Take this ultra chic one for example Feather Shavette Artist Club SS . Japanese precision. Fortunately, the single or double edge razor blades are particularly affordable and very durable!


Which shaving products do you use at Shavettes?

Your skin will naturally be happy with you as soon as you use a good product when it comes to shaving with a shavette. For example, we recommend using the best preshave first. Like the top 10 we put together best pre shave .

Before you use the shaving soap, it is comfortable to first rub your skin with shaving oil . With these lubricants, the shavette goes through the warm butter like a (barber) knife. We also recommend that you use a good shaving gel. Choose 1 from our wide collection shaving gel . Not to be confused with the shaving gel you get at the supermarket, by the way. Those standard buses contain far too few fats or oils to allow you to shave comfortably and without irritation.


What is the difference between a shavette and a classic straight razor?

They look very similar. But there is definitely a difference between a shavette and the classic open razor, also known as a straight razor. The big difference is that a straight razor consists of a fixed blade. You should sharpen this knife regularly with a sharpening stone. Real straight razors are the hardcore razors and also a bit more expensive than shavettes.

Another big difference between these razor-sharp blades is the fact that an open blade shaves less aggressively than a shavette. The design and composition of an open knife is such that it glides softer over the skin.

Shaving with a classic open blade obviously also requires the right technique so that you don't have to shaving wounds increases, but due to the specific design of the blade itself, it shaves slightly more tolerantly than a shavette.

The disadvantage of a straight razor can be that you have to sharpen it in a certain way while you provide a shavette with a brand new blade after 7 to 8 shaves. There is a wide variety of razor blades that you can experiment with to find your best combination.


Benefits of a shavette

  • A shavette and associated blades are cheaper to purchase
  • Your barber knife will stay sharp for up to 7 to 10 shaves
  • You do not need to purchase sharpening tools
  • Because you often replace your blade, you don't have to clean the shavette thoroughly

Tips and tricks.