Top 10 clay

Top 10 clay
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Top 10 clay

Hair clay is ideal for creating definition and texture on short to mid-length hairstyles that require a more structured, grainy or urban look. It provides a firm hold, with a full matte finish. Hair clay is packed with great high quality botanical ingredients and extracts that will make your hair and scalp look and feel healthier. The clay can be used on dry hair as well as slightly damp hair.

Why buy a hair clay?

For men with thinner hair or a desire to create more volume, hair clay is the perfect tool. It gives your hair enormous volume and a very strong hold. When choosing a clay for your hair, you have to be a little careful and test what works best for you. If a product is too stiff, you may need to go down a category (from high to medium for example). Hair clay is definitely one of the best hair styling products you can have in your bathroom, because hairstyles with a high hold and matte finish are more popular than ever and last a long time.

How do I apply hair clay?

Even though it is the best hair clay for men, a clay can be a little trickier to apply because it is quite a stiff product. Rub a clay first well warm between the palms of your hands, then it will be a lot easier to distribute through the hair. Do not use too much clay because it can make the hair too heavy so it will collapse.

Advantages of hair clay

  • Hair clay has the advantage of removing dirt and impurities from your hair without drying out your hair with its natural oils.
  • Hair clay naturally has healing and stimulating properties of the hair shaft and scalp (making it good for men with sensitive skin and scalp) and promotes hair growth.
  • A clay nourishes the hair and scalp because it is rich in minerals and nutrients.
  • It conditions and moisturizes hair to control and maintain frizz, especially for men with curly or longer hair.

Best hair clay

Of course, taste is something to be argued about. But if we have to pinpoint the best clay, our preference goes to a few brands.

Hanz de Fuko Claymation

The Claymation of quality brand Hanz de Fuko is one of the best selling hair clay's with a super high hold and a matte finish to give volume to your hair and a model that lasts all day. Claymation is a blend of a very good hair clay with a secret blend of natural waxes. This to make the product that can be used for the sleekest and most creative models. Claymation is ideal for styling a high pompadour or a natural quiff. The Claymation contains a little grit that is recognizable from the Quicksand, this gives that little extra texture to your hairstyle. In short; really a must-have styling product, one of the best hair clays!

Layrite Cement Clay

The Cement Clay from Layrite, as the name suggests, this is a hair clay with a mega strong hold. The clay gives your hair a matte finish and a hold that keeps your hair in shape all day. The clay is water-based and is not flaking and does not let go during the day, what you sometimes see happen with other clays. Because this best clay is water-based, it is easy to wash out but also does not get greasy in your hair. So this matte finish stays all day long. That's why it falls under the best hair clay category for us!