Body Butter

Body Butter

Especially if you suffer from dry skin, the use of a body butter is recommended. Ideal for the winter months or just in the summer months when your skin is dehydrated due to salt water or chlorinated water.

What is body butter?

The name already gives it away; body butter contains a buttery structure with which you optimally nourish, protect and hydrate your skin. Body butter is an important part of your body care and can prevent your skin from becoming dry. A body butter has been specially developed for (extremely) dry skin and is therefore even thicker in structure than, for example, a body cream or body lotion.

Body butters for men differ quite a bit in terms of scent. Find out for yourself which fragrance notes you like so that your body will subtly smell like your fragrance of choice all day long.

The benefits of body butter

  • Will moisturize, protect and care for dry skin
  • Will nourish and soften your skin
  • Lots of choice in scent
  • Suitable for (very) dry skin

What is the difference between body butter and body lotion?

The main difference between them is the structure. Body butter is thicker than a body lotion or body cream , which is why the name 'body butter' was chosen. The thicker the substance, the less added water there is in a product. You must therefore also spread a body butter well, this will take a little more pressure than when you spread a body lotion.

What is the best body butter?

Filter mainly on your own preferences. One would like a natural body butter where the other would like a vegan body butter. Both are of course completely fine, but 'the best' body butter for men is therefore the product that best suits your personal preferences.

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