Fresh fragrances

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Eau de Parfum - Parana
Castle Forbes Eau de Parfum - Neroli

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Eau de Parfum - Parana
Obvious Eau de Parfum - Un Oud 100 ml
Beso Beach Eau de Parfum - Beso Negro 100 ml

Fresh fragrances

Fresh fragrances for men embody the feeling of freshness and vitality, making you start every day full of energy and cheerfulness. These fragrances are not only suitable for everyday use, but also perfect for any occasion.

What sets fresh fragrances apart is the invigorating blend of ingredients they contain. You will often find citrus notes such as lemon, bergamot and mandarin in the top notes, which gives the scent a bright and uplifting start. In addition, they are enhanced with marine accords such as seaweed, which add a refreshing and lively dimension.

The combination of fresh floral notes with woody elements gives these fragrances their masculine character. This makes them the perfect companion for every modern man who is confident and full of life.

Whether you are going to the office, having a night out with friends or undertaking a sporting activity, a fresh perfume for men always leaves you smelling your best.

So dive into our collection of refreshing fragrances and discover the vitalizing power of these scents. Whether you're looking for a subtle everyday scent or something more powerful for special occasions, here you'll find a scent that suits you perfectly. Let the refreshing essence of these perfumes brighten your day and envelop yourself in an aura of positive energy and irresistible freshness.


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