Top 10 best natural deodorant for men who want to smell good

Do you know what you normally apply as a chemical 'deodorant' under the armpits? The standard spray cans and rollers? It's time to change. It can be much healthier. Eureka... Of course!

Top 10 beste natuurlijke deodorant voor mannen
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Top 10 best natural deodorant for men who want to smell good

Many men use the average spray cans of that sharp-smelling deodorant. Mixed with fresh/old sweat it can quickly produce an all smothering melange of sweet, braying acid and nostril splintering air.

Not in everyone though but you may recognize this in yourself or from a colleague who types in sweat every day, deadline-wise. Stress. Often an enabler of the better perspiration. What you then frequently see is the men lavishly emptying the spray can under dripping arms in between jobs.

Many still go for the axe with this kind of low-level product. Units with which you actually spray the sweat glands under the armpit shut. Or lacquer. You can do that, too, of course. Then you might as well apply a roll of that gray shiny duct tape to the armpits. However, probably then less harmful substances flow into the skin as you see with the house, garden and kitchen deodorants. Full of parabens, aluminum and other very bad substances.

What's in the standard supermarket deodorants?

You don't know any better. From way back, you've been using the standard deodorants. In your gym bag you have 1 or 2 in stock anyway and in the bathroom ditto. You are also told in countless commercials that this TOP deodorant works 24/7.

Why should you look into it yourself because applying it under the armpits has been in your system for years. However: with this writing we hope to make you aware of the fact that perhaps you should stop using these questionable deodorants.

Friends: a body MUST sweat. Because that's when you get rid of waste products. So if you seal up your armpits, natural runoff can no longer take place and that is not good for your health. Let's list some of the important and harmful substances usually found in a typical deodorant:

  • Aluminum: is also absorbed through the skin and enters your system where it can cause DNA damage. Bones and nervous system can also be affected if too much is accumulated. There is even a link to the presence of aluminum in the body and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Triclosan: not only kills the bad bacteria that cause the smell but also the good bacteria in our body. It can also wreak havoc on hormones.
  • Parabens: also called synthetic preservatives. Parabens are found in many personal care products. Not all parabens are necessarily bad, but there are harmful varieties. Not proven, but the components in parabens could be harmful to organs and affect hormone levels. So all & all it can't hurt if you avoid these preservatives as much as possible.
  • S(l)ES: in full Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. If you pronounce it, it already has a sinister tone. This stuff degreases and dries out the skin. It can also cause itching and flaking of the skin. You can start using other ointments to solve these side effects.

In a previous blog we talked about detox of standard deodorants. There we go into detail about moving from the average deodorants to the products with natural ingredients that your body reacts much better to.

Why use a natural deodorant?

Of course, we are not committing you to anything. It is of course up to you whether you continue to use your current deodorants as before. But we do want to motivate you to think about trying a natural deodorant.

It's a mindset. But we now know from the experience of our friends who regularly order products from us that once you apply a natural, organic and artisanal product to your armpits there is no going back.

Another tip from us: shave regularly under the arms. As it happens, bunches of hair hold sweat odor longer.

Oh yes, another tip: Eat and live healthy. Brain teaser but it really is true. Lots of alcohol and meals recommended by Dr. Oetkers and other Wagners we would avoid as much as possible.