Every man knows what an aftershave is, but a pre shave is still unknown territory...> read more

Every man knows what an aftershave is, but a pre shave is still unknown territory for many men. Of course it's already quite something if...> read more

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Every man knows what an aftershave is, but a pre shave is still unknown territory for many men. Of course it's already quite something if you have a real safety razor , shaving soap and shaving brush have in the bathroom. But for example a pre shave cream? Unfortunately, that is still too often missing in the bathroom cabinet. Precisely because it is so essential for a good shaving experience.

Pre-shave oil is the ultimate prevention for skin irritations and ensures a very comfortable shave by preparing your skin for the better blade work. With a pre shave oil you ensure an optimal shaving condition. Especially when you have a heavy beard growth, a sensitive skin or have dry skin.

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What does a pre shave do?

A good pre shave oil paves the way for it razor . It provides an extra protective layer before and during shaving, making it much easier for your blade to glide over your skin. In addition, many shaving products dry out the skin quite a bit, and you prevent that with a pre-shave cream because of its moisturizing effect. It is a bit of extra work before you actually start shaving, but afterwards it ensures that you probably have no work left. And no razor burn . Ideal!

Tip: Shave your head bald ? A pre shave oil is a very effective means to properly protect the thin scalp. 

How do you use a pre shave?

You apply pre-shave oil by spreading the product on your hand and massaging it on the stubble of your beard before shaving. A pre shave cream, oil or gel makes no difference in terms of technique. Make sure you distribute it well and massage it gently over the surface of your beard.

You would think that you then have to rinse this off, but that is not the intention. You have to apply the shaving cream, shaving soap or shaving gel on top of the pre-shave cream.

Why use a pre shave?

It goes without saying that with a razor you run the risk of damaging your skin. The skin is a fragile piece of organ that you have to handle with care. Especially if you go with blunt razor blades. So to shaving wounds and other misery, it is important to properly prepare your skin for shaving. Pre shave oil is an excellent remedy for this.

The protective layer of a pre shave oil ensures that your skin is extra protected during the shave and the blade can glide smoothly over your skin. This prevents shaving irritations and increases shaving comfort.

What different pre shaves are there?

There are different pre shaves and they come in many shapes and sizes. The main difference is between oil and cream. Naturally, both products provide protection during shaving and prevent irritation.

The cream is in most cases oil mixed with water. In both cases, the oil is composed of different natural oils. There is also a difference between perfumed and unscented variants. The unscented ones are recommended for men with sensitive skin.

Perfumed oils also do not have an overwhelming or strong smell. When buying a pre shave oil, also pay attention to how greasy the oil or cream is. A greasy variant provides a strong protective layer, but has the disadvantage that it sticks very much to your fingers. Thin oils or creams are lighter and are therefore more easily absorbed by your skin. However, the protection is of course somewhat less.

Look especially at what you want to get out of pre shaves and select the best one for you based on those wishes. Also take into account you skin type , often you can make a very good choice for your situation. Also check out our top 10 best pre-shave . Each and every one of them is a high level pre-shave with a particularly comfortable end result.

The difference between pre shave oil, cream and gel?

A pre-shave oil consists of different types of natural oils. A pre-shave cream is a variant of this that is in most cases mixed with water and feels a bit creamier. A pre shave gel is a bit lighter and less greasy in texture and therefore very suitable if you suffer from a oily skin .

The difference between shaving oil and pre shave?

In addition to a pre-shave oil, there is also shaving oil . You can use a shaving oil instead of a shaving soap, shaving gel or shaving cream. After applying a shaving oil you can immediately get started with the razor. Advantage: because shaving oil is transparent, you have a good view of the skin and you can shave very precisely. With a thick layer shaving foam it is often a the gamble .

You can also use a shaving oil as a pre-shave. However, a pre-shave cream is a real work preparer and should therefore always be combined with, for example, a shaving soap.

Tip: the difference between shaving soap, cream, oil, gel & foam we have explained it clearly for you here.

As far as we are concerned, we are really in favor of a good pre-shave. We too have become wiser through skin damage and shame. If you have sensitive skin or a strong beard, in particular, you cannot escape a fine pre-shave.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. And if you have any questions, we'd love to hear them!

Good luck.

Your friends, The Alpha Men.


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