Top 10 beard shampoo

Top 10 baardshampoo
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Top 10 beard shampoo

Beard hairs trap a lot of bacteria so a beard will need regular cleaning. Your beard hairs have a completely different structure than your head hairs and therefore require a different kind of care. A regular shampoo will quickly dry out your beard hairs, which is why it is important to use a special beard shampoo. Beard shampoo is not to be missed in your beard care routine, because beard shampoo is specifically aimed at your beard hairs.

What are the benefits of beard shampoo?

  • Cleanses your beard
  • Conditions your beard hairs
  • Reduces flaking and irritation
  • Cares for your underlying skin as well
  • Makes your beard softer and easier to comb

How to use a beard shampoo?

Exactly how to use a beard shampoo varies from one beard shampoo to another, but in general, use a beard shampoo as follows.

  1. Wet your beard
  2. Take some beard shampoo in your hands
  3. Massage your beard and underlying skin with beard shampoo
  4. Make sure to cover all areas of your beard
  5. Rinse the shampoo out of your hair completely
  6. Now use a beard conditioner to condition your beard hair after cleansing

The difference between beard shampoo and beard soap

In addition to beard shampoo, there is also beard soap. These are often compared to each other so it is also helpful to know the difference. Beard soap is a solid form of beard shampoo. Many men take beard soap with them when traveling because it is easier to carry around.

What is the best beard shampoo?

But then, what is the best beard shampoo? Only you can answer that. This is because it depends on your own preferences, skin type and beard hair type. To make things easier for you, we've compiled our absolute top 10 beard shampoos above that have a perfect match for everyone. This list includes beard shampoos from top brands like Proraso, Raw Naturals, Reuzel and OAK Beard Care.

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