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Top 10 beard comb

A beard comb is essential for proper beard care. For many men, their beard is part of their identity. Whether you have a full beard, or as an accent of your face, your beard plays a prominent role in your appearance. Consequently, a sloppy, uncombed beard looks unkempt. So taking care of your beard is just as important as taking care of your hair and face. So why do so many bearded men still use a cheap plastic hair comb? Perhaps this is because men are unaware of the benefits of buying a beard comb.

What is a beard comb and what can I do with it?

As the word suggests, a beard comb is a comb for your beard. With this special comb, you can easily style your beard. It is also easier to use with beard wax or oil than a regular comb. Here's what you need to know about the beard comb so you can use it correctly.

A beard comb is specifically for your beard. If you also have a large mustache, we recommend using a mustache comb. Regular combing will make your beard softer, cleaner and free of tangles.

Beard comb benefits

  • Regular combing of your beard promotes beard growth.
  • Reduces tangles and knots
  • Removes dirt and flakes
  • Using a beard comb allows you to shape your beard exactly the way you want.

What is the difference between a beard comb and a normal comb?

Now you must be wondering, can't I use a normal comb to comb my beard? The answer to that is no. A normal comb is simply not suitable for beard hair. This is because a normal hair comb is much thinner and finer. Beard hair is often too coarse to get between the teeth of a normal comb. You are then as it were stroking your beard instead of combing it properly. Normal combs are also often too long to shape your beard properly. A cheap plastic comb will also make your beard hair static, causing all sorts of unwanted sticking out.

Beard combs are a bit thicker and smaller than a normal comb. This gives you more control while combing your beard. The space between the teeth of the comb is also a bit larger, so you can easily comb thick beard hairs without having to pull on the hairs.

What is the difference between a beard comb and beard brush?

You may also be wondering whether you should use a beard brush or a beard comb. A beard comb and a beard brush are used for two different purposes. A beard brush is for softening, cleaning and exfoliating the underlying skin of your beard. A beard brush has a completely different shape, which makes styling your beard difficult. However, a beard brush is ideal for distributing beard oil. A comb, on the other hand, often consists of a solid piece with teeth. A comb is meant for styling your beard and removing tangles from your beard.

Which beard comb is right for my beard grooming needs?

There are many different beard combs available. The most important consideration for your beard grooming needs is the material from which the comb is made. A beard comb is usually made of an antistatic material such as plastic, wood, metal and even horn. With plastic, make sure it is made of cellulose acetate, and not other plastic. Cheap plastic combs not only make your beard static, they also have micro serrations that damage your beard hairs. We've listed the benefits of each material for you.

Wooden beard comb

The advantages of a wooden beard comb is that they look cool, they are cheaper than metal combs or combs made of horn, and they do not cause split ends.

Plastic beard comb

The biggest advantage of a plastic beard comb is that they are very inexpensive.

Beard comb made of buffalo horn

The advantages of a comb made of horn is that its chemical composition and molecular structure is similar to that of our own hair and nails. Horn is naturally non-static so the beard comb glides through your beard like warm butter partly because of this. The chance of damaging your beard hair is therefore virtually nil.

Stainless steel beard comb

The biggest advantage of a metal comb is that it is very strong, making it long-lasting. This type of beard comb is therefore also very suitable to take with you on the road.

What size beard comb should I choose?

Another important thing to consider when choosing is the size of the beard comb. Beard combs are available in regular size, pocket-size size and as a folding beard comb.

Purchase a good beard comb because it will last longer, is better for your beard and ultimately more economical in your wallet. And your beard just looks better of course!

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