You should know this about the beard comb

Dit moet je weten over de baardkam

If you wear a beard or know people with a beard, you've probably become familiar with the beard comb. A comb for combing your beard, logical. Yet most men have no idea what a beard comb actually is. Most men just see a comb just like any other comb used for hair on the head. Yet there are important differences.

Take a look at beard combs and you will have pages of choices. Obviously, you just go for one that is beautiful and/or cheap. Otherwise, what could be a difference?

Difference between a normal comb and beard comb

Beard combs are usually thicker and smaller than a normal comb. This allows for more control while combing because your beard is smaller and less dense than the hair on your head. Also, you often need a beard comb several times a day and it is convenient if you can put the beard comb in your pocket.

Also, beard combs almost always have more space between the teeth of the comb. That's because facial hair is often thicker and curlier. That space between the teeth makes it easier to get through your beard without pulling the hair too much. Then, when you also use products like beard wax, styling with a beard comb is a lot easier.

Difference between a beard comb and beard brush

It should never really be a choice between a beard comb or beard brush. In fact, they both have very different purposes. They look completely different, of course, but they also both do very different things. A comb usually consists of one solid piece with teeth and a brush of a solid piece with several bristles.

The usefulness of the beard comb

The beard comb is more for styling the beard and making the beard free of tangles. Best used when you have washed your beard. The beard comb is good for styling the beard when you have just applied beard balm or wax. Don't do this with the beard brush because it will make a big mess. On the contrary, the beard comb can be cleaned very easily.

The usefulness of the beard brush

The purpose of a beard brush is to clean, soften and exfoliate the skin under the beard. Impurities in the beard are removed and the beard hairs become very soft. If you suffer from dandruff or dry skin, the beard brush is indispensable. If you use beard oil or beard balm, brushing also helps spread the oils well through the beard. This gives an extra soothing effect.

Choosing a beard comb

When you want to buy a beard comb there are a few things to consider namely the size and material.


If you look at the size of a beard comb you have the normal beard comb which is small but just not small enough to put in your pocket. The pocket-size beard combs you can put in your pocket and can be used for precise beard styling. You can also buy these pocket sizes as a folding beard comb. Then you also have the mustache comb which is the smallest size. This one is not really suitable for larger beards.


The material a beard comb is made of is actually the most important thing when choosing a beard comb. This is because it affects the hairs. The cheapest beard combs made of plastic are widely made by machine. The teeth of these combs have small serrations. You can't really see this with the naked eye but they are there. Every time you comb your beard hair those little serrations damage the hair. This is also the biggest cause of split ends in men who grow a beard.

If you choose a comb made of wood, plastic or metal from a good brand, for example, then you can expect these serrations not to be there.


The wooden beard comb is very popular because it looks very cool. They are cheaper than combs made of horn and metal but also do not cause split ends. The disadvantage of wooden combs is that they are harder to clean and they are less smooth which makes combing a little more slippery.

Our pick for a wooden beard comb

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View Mr. Bear Family Beard Comb


Not very animal friendly but horn is very smooth and won't harm your beard hairs. Also, the material is very strong and can last a lifetime. They are just a lot more expensive than beard combs made of wood and are also not animal friendly. Therefore, we ourselves only sell imitation ivory.

Our choice for an ivory beard comb

baardkam van ivoor

View Taylor of Old Bonstreet Beard Comb Ivory

Cellulose acetate (plastic)

These combs look like plastic but do not have serrations, so they are good to use for the beard. They generally do not last as long as a comb made of horn or metal but are also a lot cheaper.

Our pick for a beard comb made of plastic

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View Captain Fawcett Folding Beard Pocket Comb


Metal is very strong so it lasts a very long time. They can be irritating to some men since it is static. They are also great for carrying around since they don't break. You can just sit on them, so to speak. They do tend to be a bit more expensive.

Our choice for a metal beard comb

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