Detangler Brush

Detangler Brush

If you suffer from those eternal knots and tangles in your hair, then a detangler brush is the solution you are looking for. Another name for the detangler brush is also 'the anti-tangle brush', of which the so-called tangle teezer was the predecessor. So what you can expect is clear!

What is a detangler brush?

A detangler brush is a hairbrush that effortlessly detangles your hair. Tangles are a thing of the past due to the special shape of the detangler brush. Also, detangling your hair will be painless, unlike many other types of hair brushes. Also, your hair will not be damaged or broken in the process. A detangler brush is suitable for all hair lengths and all hair types.

The benefits of a detangler brush

  • Removes tangles and knots from your hair
  • Brushing and detangling is painless
  • No hair damage from brushing
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Can also be used through wet hair

How do you use a detangler brush?

You can use a detangler brush on both wet and dry hair. You brush your hair in the same way as with a normal hairbrush, namely from top to bottom. Don't put too much force and move smoothly through your entire hair.

Other types of hairbrushes

Afro sponge : Suitable for men with an afro hairstyle

Denman brush : Suitable for all hair lengths and hair types

Paddle brush : Suitable for men with (medium) long hair

Round brush : Perfect for creating volume, waves or curls

Scalp brush : Provides scalp massages for healthier hair

Styling brush : Suitable for detangling your hair and adding volume

Vent brush : Quickly creates volume in your hair

Brush Cleaner : Cleans any hairbrush

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